Denying the Source: The Crisis of First Nations Water Rights, hardcover ed


Denying the Source: The Crisis of First Nations Water Rights is a slim, 99-page book about the issues surrounding First Nations water rights written by Merrell-Ann Phare, a lawyer and Executive Director of the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, a national First Nation environmental organization. First Nations are facing some of the worst water crises in Canada and throughout North America. Their widespread lack of access to safe drinking water receives ongoing national media attention, yet progress addressing the causes of the problem is painfully slow.

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Our Knowledge Canoe, paper ed


Our Knowledge Canoe is an illustrated, self-published book by Algonquin/Métis master craftsman Marcel Labelle. Taking traditional knowledge from his ancestors Marcel Labelle explains the importance of a birch bark canoe and the knowledge and expertise required for its construction. Step-by-step colour photographs assist the reader in understanding the raw materials of cedar and birch and how to select the most appropriate resources.

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Lacrosse: The Ancient Game, paper ed OUT OF STOCK


Lacrosse: The Ancient Game is a 95-page coffee-table style book written by Jim Calder, Ron Fletcher, and Delmor Jacobs with illustrations by David Craig and Arnold Jacobs about the game of lacrosse. The book is organized into three sections with the first section explaining the historical and cultural teachings of the game according to Delmor Jacobs, Cayuga Faithkeeper, Six Nations of the Grand River.

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Dancing on Our Turtle's Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence and a New Emergence, paper ed


Dancing on Our Turtle's Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence and a New Emergence by Mississauga researcher, writer, and educator Leanne Simpson examines Ojibwe Creation stories, language, and the traditional knowledge of Elders to create an understanding of reconciliation. By challenging the status quo interpretation of reconciliation as it relates to Indigenous people, Leanne Simpson offers a thoughtful alternative means of reaching true reconciliation using teachings such as the Seven Grandfather teachings, the Four Hills of Life, and Creation and Nanabush stories.

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Bridging Cultures: Indigenous and Scientific Ways of Knowing Culture, paper ed


Bridging Cultures: Indigenous and Scientific Ways of Knowing Culture written by Glen Aikenhead and Herman Mitchell addresses the need for environmental science and science educators to embrace traditional Indigenous knowledge in a straight-forward and accessible manner. Aikenhead is Professor Emeritus, University of Saskatchewan with an abiding interest in culture studies in science education, and Michell (Woodland Cree) is Director of the Northern Teacher Education Program at the Northern Professional Access College, La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

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Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future, paper ed


Original Instructions: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future is a collection of 35 articles, papers, and speeches that provides Indigenous Peoples perspectives on the environment. Specific Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) articles include John Mohawk's short Thanksgiving Address; the Iroquois Confederacy; Food knowledge of our ancestors; climate change; and Indigenous view of nature. Oren Lyons has several contributions such as listening to natural law; and a democracy based on peace. Mohawk midwife Katsi Cook's essay discusses environmental and reproductive justice.

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News: Postcards from the Four Directions, paper ed


News: Postcards from the Four Directions is an anthology of Ojibwe playwright Drew Hayden Taylor's 2010 work containing 90 essays, columns, editorials, and reflections on Aboriginal peoples in Canada. All offerings contain the writer's trademark satirical twist and are organized into the four cardinal directions: North for contemplation and wisdom; South for journeys both physical and spiritual; East for beginnings and youth; and West for maturity and responsibility.

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Ojibwe Clans: Ojibwe Doodemag, paper ed


Ojibwe Clans: Ojibwe Doodemag is an 18-page illustrated information book written and illustrated by James Mishibinijima for Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute. Each Ojibwe clan is explained with a brief paragraph about the nature of the clan and the role it plays in society. This English and Ojibwe text introduces readers to the importance of family and community in Ojibwe culture. Melvina Corbiere provides the Ojibwe language translation.

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Collections and Objections: Aboriginal Material Culture in Southern Ontario, paper ed


Collections and Objections: Aboriginal Material Culture in Southern Ontario by history professor Michelle Hamilton examines anthropological collecting in Ontario between 1791 and 1914. Whether by museum professionals, amateurs, scholars or First Nations, the collection of material culture artifacts and grave remains is marked by conflicting cultural ideals and worldviews. She studies the personalities involved in collecting including David Boyle, Chief A. G. Smith, Rev. Peter Jones, Dr. Peter E. Jones, Pauline Johnson, Dr. Peter Martin Oronhyatekha, and John Brant-Sero.

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Contributions to Ojibwe Studies: Essays, 1934-1972, paper ed


Contributions to Ojibwe Studies: Essays, 1934-1972 is a collection of 28 of the various essays by A. Irving Hallowell about the Ojibwe and Saulteaux of Manitoba. Hallowell was an anthropologist whose focus of study was the Berens River Ojibwe through the use of psychoanalysis with its psychiatric background, its concepts of individual psychodynamics and personality.

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