Code Talker: A Novel About The Navajo Marines of World War Two, hardcover ed


Code Talker: A Novel About The Navajo Marines of World War Two is an historical novel about a Navajo man who endured boarding school (residential school) to become a United States Marine during World War 2. Renowned Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac weaves a quiet but engaging story where the Code Talker tells his grandchildren about the history of his wartime medal. The story begins as the narrator tells about his childhood on the Navajo Reservation.

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Cross-Currents: Hydroelectricity and the Engineering of Northern Ontario, hardcover ed LIMITED QUANTITY


Using the image of cross-currents as the organizing metaphor, Cross-Currents: Hydroelectricity and the Engineering of Northern Ontario details the many and often turbulent interactions and interconnections that occurred among the various people and events during the building of the northeastern Ontario hydroelectric system. Special focus is on Native and non-Native interests; southern business and political elites; northern natural resources and the interactions between technology and the environment.

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Fighting Firewater Fictions: Moving Beyond the Disease Model of Alcoholism in First Nations, paper ed


In Fighting Firewater Fictions, Richard W Thatcher describes and explains the emergence and perpetuation of the firewater complex, the cultural construct of an informally sanctioned, destructive, binge-drinking norm in First Nations reserve communities. The complex has reified alcoholism as an inevitability in the First Nations an approach that has resulted in essential aspects of collective and personal responsibility being vacated in favour of therapeutic interventions assisted by social personnel of questionable expertise.

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Real Indians and Others: Mixed-Blood Urban Native Peoples and Indigenous Nationhood, paper ed


In "Real" Indians and Others: Mixed-Blood Urban Native Peoples and Indigenous Nationhood, Bonita Lawrence draws on the first-person accounts of thirty Toronto residents of Aboriginal descent, as well as archival materials, sociological research, and her own urban Aboriginal heritage and experiences. She sheds light on the Canadian government's efforts to define First Nations identity through the years by means of the Indian Act and shows how policies such as residential schooling, loss of Indian status, and adoption have affected Aboriginal identity.

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New Voices From the Longhouse: An Anthology of Contemporary Iroquois Writing, paper ed


New Voices From the Longhouse: An Anthology of Contemporary Iroquois Writing contains the poetry, short stories, essays by 30 Six Nations Iroquois writers. Published in 1989 by Joseph Bruchac's Greenfield Review, this collection stands the test of time and remains important and relevant. It is a remarkable collection of writing by various Six Nations Iroquois men and women, who live on reserves in Canadian and US reservations as well as Canadian and American cities. They express their deep love and respect for Iroquois traditional culture and history and comment on the contemporary world.

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Urban Indian Reserves: Forging New Relationships in Saskatchewan, paper ed


A new relationship is being forged between First Nations and municipal governments in Saskatchewan. In part this is due to the Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement, under which First Nations have received funds to acquire land in fulfillment of treaty promises. In many instances the land acquired has been in urban areas. This collection of essays examines the creation of four such urban reserves, two of which were created amidst considerable acrimony and two of which were created in political harmony between the local municipality and the First Nations band council.

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Aboriginal Peoples: Building For The Future. Activities


Aboriginal Peoples: Building For The Future Activities contains student activities and accompanies the grade 10 text, Aboriginal Peoples: Building For the Future. The text is organized into three units with a total of 37 chapters. Topics as diverse as elders, residential schools, life in the cities, the arts, as well as land claims and self-government are explored in the Canadian context. Each chapter contains a wealth of information in the form of primary source quotations, photographs, works of art, graphs and charts, and text.

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Chuck in the City, new edition, paper ed


Chuck in the City is the newly revised edition of a charming children's story about a young boy named Chuck who goes on an unaccompanied walk when he visits his Kookum (grandmother) in the city. This first visit to the city turns into an adventure. On his walk Chuck encounters barking dogs, kids on roller blades, and tall office towers. He finally realizes that he is lost and very hungry. Trying not to panic he manages to find his way back to his grandmother's condo. This is Jordan Wheeler's second book for children.

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