National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Maya, hardcover ed


While Europeans lived in the Dark Ages, the Maya mapped the heavens and mastered mathematics. They constructed vast cities in jungle landscapes, leaving legacies in stone at places like Palenque and Uxmal. In overgrown sites, archaeologists now piece together this civilization with the aid of satellite technology. Modern-day experts provide windows into the Mayan world by interpreting ancient messages, inscribed for future generations. One of the titles in the series that explores the world's ancient empires.

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Seeing Ourselves: Exploring Race, Ethnicity and Culture, fourth edition, paper ed


Carl E James creates a dialogue with readers to probe the meaning of ethnicity, race, and culture, exploring how these concepts are understood both by individuals and in Canadian society as a whole. He explores how local, national, and international events of the past decade have brought questions about immigration, citizenship, and multiculturalism to the forefront, informing attitudes and influencing policies.

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Engaging and Empowering Aboriginal Youth: A Toolkit for Service Providers, 2nd ed, paper ed


Engaging and Empowering Aboriginal Youth: A Toolkit for Service Providers is the second edition of the popular guide book for service providers and educators working with Aboriginal youth and teens in a variety of capacities. This new edition contains a self-assessment guide to identify strengths and weaknesses in any youth organization's program. The authors include two non-Aboriginal mental health workers, Claire V. Crooks and Debbie Chinodo, and Darren Thomas, a motivational consultant from Six Nations.

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Place Names of Canada, 2nd edition, paper ed


Place Names of Canada is the second edition of the highly accesible reference guide to the place names in Canada. The guide references 5075 main entries of the cities, towns, villages, counties, large lakes, islands, mountains (over 2900 metres), as well as the more widely known capes, points, straits, channels and bays. The compiler identifies the major sources for the reference entries and includes the geographic location, the derivation for the name, and often a brief history of the place's origin. This is a useful resouce book for public and school libraries.

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Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms, paper ed


Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms written by Sylvia Olsen was funded as a project by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. After Sylvia Olsen's daughter announced her pregnancy, this author and loving mother saw, what could be termed a crisis by some, as an opportunity to understand this cultural and national phenomenon of the teen mom. Olsen began her research by contacting and locating 13 teen and young adult moms who were from ages 15 through 24.

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Ethnicity and Human Rights in Canada, 3rd ed, paper ed


Ethnicity and Human Rights in Canada is Evelyn Kallen's classic study revealing the ways in which human rights violations, by way of discrimination on the bases of race and ethnicity, create and sustain the marginalized status of diverse racial and ethnic groups in Canada. Minority rights issues central to the concerns of Canada's three major ethnic constituencies are examined: Aboriginal peoples, Franco-Quebecois, and racial and ethnic immigrant groups. Other central issues - gender, religious symbolism, and the mosaic versus the melting pot - are also considered.

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Race and Ethnicity in Canada: A Critical Introduction, 3rd ed, paper ed


Race and Ethnicity in Canada: A Critical Introduction is part of the Themes in Canadian Sociology series from Oxford University Press. This title introduces undergraduates to the basics of Canadian social issues as they relate to race and ethnicity. The chapters cover issues related to immigration, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal relations, racism, economic inequality, ethnic identity, Aboriginal identity, multiculturalism, and the concepts of diaspora and transnationality. Both authors teach sociology at the college and university levels.

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Code Talker: A Novel About The Navajo Marines of World War Two, paper ed


Code Talker: A Novel About The Navajo Marines of World War Two is an historical novel about a Navajo man who endured boarding school (residential school) to become a United States Marine during World War 2. Renowned Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac weaves a quiet but engaging story where the Code Talker tells his grandchildren about the history of his wartime medal. The story begins as the narrator tells about his childhood on the Navajo Reservation.

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New Tribe, New York: the Urban Vision Quest


New Tribe, New York: the Urban Vision Quest accompanies the National Museum of the American Indian Exhibition of the same name. The Exhibition was on view in New York and Washington from 2005 to 2006. The show looked at the works of various New York City artists and how they have maintained their Indigenous identity within this urban setting. The artists showcased are Lorenzo Clayton (Navajo), Mario Martinez (Pasqua Yaqui), Alan Michelson (Mohawk), and Spiderwoman Theater (Kuna/ Rappahannock).

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In Their Own Voices: Building Urban Aboriginal Communities, paper ed


In Their Own Voices: Building Urban Aboriginal Communities is the result of a study conducted with Aboriginal People living in Winnipeg's inner-city. The authors examine the innovative methods used by Aboriginal People to proceed with community development and adult education. The authors find that solutions to chronic poverty and despair are most often undertaken by Aboriginal women. The authors also examine the implications for mainstream political involvement such as voting by Aboriginal People residing in Winnipeg. The book really focuses on solutions and limits it coverage.

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