Native Stories from Keepers of the Animals, The, paper ed


The Native Stories from Keepers of the Animals contains 24 traditional stories from Indigenous North American Nations retold by Joseph Bruchac. This rich collection of stories is organized around the importance of our relatives, the animals. From creation, celebration, vision, and survival, the reader is introduced to these important stories about animals that contain several teachings.

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Toronto at Dreamer's Rock and Education is Our Right: Two One-Act Plays, paper ed


Toronto at Dreamer's Rock and Education is Our Right: Two One-Act Plays was the first book by critically acclaimed Ojibway playwright, Drew Hayden Taylor. In these two plays, Taylor explores the dilemmas facing Aboriginal youth today. In Toronto at Dreamer's Rock, a teenage youth is torn between the traditions of his people and the lure of urban life. During a vision quest, Rusty meets two people from his Nation - one from 400 years in the past and one from the future.

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Native Stories from Keepers of the Earth, The, paper ed


The Native Stories from Keepers of the Earth contains 24 traditional Native North American stories retold by Joseph Bruchac. This rich collection of stories first appeared in the best-selling book, Keepers of the Earth. These stories come from Inuit, Abenaki, Dine, Onondaga, Nisqually, Muskogee, Pawnee, Zuni, Ojibway, Lakota, Siksika, Tsimshian, and Seneca Nations. Native stories have two major functions: to entertain and to teach.

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Medicine River, paper ed


Medicine River is a witty, engaging novel set in a contemporary Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve community, called Medicine River. Thomas King introduces two key characters, Harlan Bigbear and his photographer friend Will. Harlan is the classic trickster character who has a scheme for his recently returned friend Will. An award-winning news photographer Will returns for his mother's funeral. His best friend sets out to have Will photograph Medicine River Elders. Will sets up his new photography business in Medicine River and finds himself playing basketball for the community's team.

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Little Bear's Vision Quest, 2nd printing, paper ed


Little Bear's Vision Quest is a lavishly illustrated picture book that teaches respect for others. The main character is Little Bear who lives along the Northwest Coast. Little Bear behaves selfishly and is inconsiderate to his friends. In an effort to teach Little Bear proper behavior and respect, his grandfather sends him away to an island. Little Bear is told to "look inside" and learn from his bad behavior. Finally, Little Bear learns how he hurt his friends' feelings and decides to change. His family welcomes Little Bear home.

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An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English, 4th Ed, paper ed


An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English edited by Delaware playwright/poet Daniel David Moses and York University English Professor Terry Goldie has been revised in this fourth edition. The editors have added Armand Garnet Ruffo as a co-editor to this 20th anniversary edition. Ruffo has added a much-needed introduction to this 4th edition bringing this volume up-to-date. The wide-ranging survey of writing in English by Canadian Native authors features prose selections, traditional songs, short stories, plays, poems and essays.

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Aboriginal Peoples: Building for the Future, paper ed


Aboriginal Peoples: Building for the Future tells the story of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada in the 20th century. The book is arranged into 37 chapters each covering a specific topic. Topics as diverse as elders, residential schools, life in the cities, the arts, treaties, forced relocations, as well as land claims and self-government are explored. Each chapter contains a wealth of information in the form of primary source quotations, photographs, works of art, graphs and charts, and text.

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April Raintree, revised ed


April Raintree is the 2016 revised edition of In Search of April Raintree, adapted for use in high school. The tragic story of two Metis sisters caught in the foster home system makes compelling reading. The author explores the search for identity, racism, treatment of Native children and violence in this powerful novel revised especially for use in high school. This new edition has a foreword by Senator Murray Sinclair. Reading Level: 8.1; Lexile Measure: 750.

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