Enduring Wisdom: Sayings from Native Americans, hardcover ed


Enduring Wisdom: Sayings from Native Americans is a collection of quotes from historic and contemporary Aboriginal People by children's author Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. The quotes are organized into themes such as Mother Earth, The People, War and Peace, Spirit Life, and Enduring Wisdom. Whether it is a brief quote from a Dakota high school student from 1996 or an excerpt from Pontiac's 1760 speech about the Creator, the selections speak to readers through their passionate oratory.

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Gray Wolf's Search, hardcover ed


Gray Wolf's Search is a children's picture book about a young Northwest Coast child who learns important lessons about integrity, identity and respect. One day the boy's uncle tells the child that his future role is to be the person in the village who can find and get to know an important person. The boy wisely sets off into the forest to locate just such a person. He asks a series of animals and birds such as the bear, killer whale, eagle, beaver, and finally the wolf. He approaches each animal respectfully and addresses each in the proper manner.

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Ancient Thunder, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


Ancient Thunder by Ojibwe author and illustrator Leo Yerxa is the 2006 winner of the Governor General's Award for Illustration. Yerxa draws on his appreciation and delight for the wild horses of the Plains as inspiration for the book. In this unique tribute, Yerxa works with hand-made watercolour paper that has the appearance of leather. His technique, developed through patient experimentation, gives the magnificent images of galloping horses the sense that their thundering hooves are like a force of nature.

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Frog Brings Rain (Chal To Yinilo), hardcover ed


Frog Brings Rain is a bilingual retelling of the Navajo legend that explains how frog brought much-needed rain to the land. After a burning branch sets the mountain landscape on fire, the First People and their village are threatened by the fire. First Woman and First Man each ask several animals and birds to assist the people. Each animal and bird demonstrates their bravery in trying to help others. Unfortunately some are changed forever because they go too near the fire. Other creatures refuse to help.

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Stories of the People: Native American Voices, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


Stories of the People: Native American Voices was published in conjunction with the National Museum of the American Indian's exhibition, Stories of the People, held at the Smithsonian in 1996-1997. The book celebrates six diverse cultures|Northern Plains, Tuscarora, Cherokee, Makah, Quechua, and Western Apache. Six curators from these cultural traditions write about their Nation's artistic expressions in material culture. The artistic beauty of the cultural objects is explained from a Native American perspective through oral tradition, story, and spiritual traditions.

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Idaa Trail: In the Steps of Our Ancestors, hardcover ed


Set in the present-day, three cousins set off with their Dogrib grandparents for a month-long summer vacation canoe trip along the Idaa Trail in the Northwest Territories. Told in a day-by-day story format the cousins visit the important sites along this trail that has been travelled by their ancestors for centuries. They come to appreciate their knowledgeable grandparents who teach them valuable lessons about living on the land, respect for the environment as well as providing an exciting canoe trip.

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Hidden Buffalo, paper ed


Hidden Buffalo is a wonderful children's picture book that combines great storytelling with brilliant illustration. The story is set among the Plains Cree of the distant past. A band has gone through a lean summer without locating the buffalo herds. Fall has arrived and there is no sign of the much-needed herds. A young man named Sky Running looks out across the distance and realizes that winter will be severe without the food provisions. At the evening campfire he listens as his grandmother explains how the buffalo reside in the depths of a lake.

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Wisdom of the Elders: Native and Scientific Ways of Knowing About Nature, paper ed


Wisdom of the Elders: Native and Scientific Ways of Knowing About Nature was first published in 1992. This new edition contains a revised introduction along with the collection of quotes purportedly from Indigenous Peoples from cultures around the world. The authors draw from ecology and biology for essential themes drawn from modern science and combine these with Native perspectives about the natural world and the relationships of humans with nature. Both authors believe the Native perspective is just as valid as the one based on western science.

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Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, The, hardcover ed


The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle is a fascinating approach to cultural appropriation in a children's picture book. Developed by Gay Matthaei and Jewel Grutman with the drawings of Adam Cvijanovic, the team recreates a ledgerbook purportedly drawn by former Carlisle Boarding School student, Thomas Blue Eagle. This fictional character is said to be Lakota Sioux who is sent to the Carlisle School to learn the ways of the white man. This ledgerbook shows the thoughts, feelings, and drawings of Thomas Blue Eagle as he remembers his former family life.

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Gathering Tree, The, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher The Gathering Tree is the most recent children's book by award-winning authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden. The authors tackle the difficult issue of HIV/AIDS in this picture book set in a First Nations community in British Columbia. A special cousin is returning home for a community ceremony. Robert is a 21-year-old First Nations man who went to the city for his education. His younger cousins, Tyler and Shay-Lyn, look up to him as a role model for his marathon running ability.

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