Goodnight World, board book


Goodnight World is a 24-page board book made with recycled paper with soy-based ink and water-based coating from Native Northwest publishers. This board book is the opposite of the board book, Good morning World, and continues to reinforce worldview values of acknowledging the end of the day. In this simple format each of the animals, birds, and sea creatures say good night by dreaming, singing each other to sleep and various activities unique to each animal. Twenty-three Northwest Coast artists have contributed to this remarkable title but the book flows so well the viewer is unaware.

Price: $10.00

Good Morning World, board book


Good Morning World is a 24-page board book made with recycled paper with soy-based ink and water-based coating from Native Northwest publishers. Haisla and Heiltsuk artist Paul Windsor has created the colourful Northwest Coast art designed as the reader is introduced to the worldview of the people of the Pacific Northwest. The book begins with welcoming the sun that shines on the birds and butterflies.

Price: $10.00

Walk on the Tundra, A, hardcover ed


A Walk on the Tundra written by Rebecca Hainnu and Anna Ziegler for Inhabit Media is a 40-page picture book featuring a bored young Inuk girl who is waiting for her friends to come out of their homes to play. She carelessly throws away her empty pop can into the ditch wondering what she will do while waiting for her friends. Then she sees her grandmother out walking. Grandmother asks her to join her on the walk to pick plants for medicines and tea. As the two walk on the tundra grandmother shows her granddaughter the helpful tundra's colourful flowers, mosses, shrubs, and lichens.

Price: $13.95

Ancient Thunder, paper ed


Ancient Thunder by Ojibwe author and illustrator Leo Yerxa is the 2006 winner of the Governor General's Award for Illustration. Yerxa draws on his appreciation and delight for the wild horses of the Plains as inspiration for the book. In this unique tribute, Yerxa works with hand-made watercolour paper that has the appearance of leather. His technique, developed through patient experimentation, gives the magnificent images of galloping horses the sense that their thundering hooves are like a force of nature.

Price: $9.95

Loon's Necklace and Misho, The, paper ed


The Loon's Necklace and Misho is written and illustrated by Ojibwe artist James Mishibinijima and published by Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute. This Ojibwe legend about the loon and a blind man from long ago is retold through an engaging text and illustrated in the Woodland Art Style that evokes compassion and sacrifice. A blind man named Misho is treated with respect by his community. The village has set up a special place for the man so he can easily find his way. The man carried many stories and teachings and had found an important role in his community.

Price: $15.00

For a Girl Becoming, hardcover ed


For a Girl Becoming by Creek poet and musician Joy Harjo is a picture book that celebrates the life stages of a girl from birth to adulthood in verse and colourful pastel illustrations. This 48-page work begins with a home birth as an extended family welcomes a new baby to the family. Both mother's and father's family bring gifts for the newborn. As the child grows and comes to new challenges and milestones her family is again encouraging her with words, blessings, and special gifts. The family offers words of knowledge as the girl grows up to be a woman of this extended family.

Price: $20.95

Entre dans la Grande Ronde (The Drum Calls Softly), hardcover ed


Entre dans la Grande Ronde (The Drum Calls Softly) is Métis writer David Bouchard's picture book co-written with educator Shelley Willier and illustrated by Jim Poitras. This edition is written in French and Cree. The story is told in rhyming verse as the narrator celebrates with others the joy of the round dance and the music of the drum. This bilingual Cree and French book offers readers insight into the cultural understanding of First Nations by drawing them into the circle. They explore the seasons, the life cycle, cultural values, and making new friends.

Price: $24.95

Christmas La Pouchinn, hardcover ed


Christmas La Pouchinn is a picture book written in rhyming verse by author Deborah Delaronde about the importance of the Metis seasonal round of activities by families and communities. Illustrated by Virginia McCoy, the book introduces young readers to Metis life in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The book shows Métis extended families in spring, summer, fall and winter activities such as preparing maple syrup, fishing, hunting, gathering berries and preparing the Christmas pudding (La pouchinn) for the New Year events of visiting. Includes a Michif vocabulary guide and three recipes.

Price: $19.95

Muin and The Seven Bird Hunters: A Mi'kmaw Night Sky Story, paper ed


Muin and The Seven Bird Hunters: A Mi'kmaw Night Sky Story is a well-crafted and designed picture book that retells the Mi'kmaq story about the night sky and the distinctive stars known as Ursa Major or the Big Dipper. This bilingual (Mi'kmaq and English) legend is carefully told by Lillian Marshall, Murdena Marshall, Prune Harris, and Cheryl Bartlett. Illustrations by Kristy Read and Sana Kavanagh are meant to visually engage the viewer with the cut-out style of the animals chasing the bear during the seasonal cycle of change.

Price: $11.95

Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Metis Story about Giving and Receiving, The, paper ed


The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Métis Story about Giving and Receiving, Laarbe Kawmaekit: Aen kiitwam achimook aen histwayr chi maykik pi aen ootistikook is a children's bilingual picture book that celebrates the Métis concept of generosity. The book is illustrated by the author Leah Dorion in a wildly vibrant fashion. The book explains the concept of the giving tree where Métis travellers often left food packages or everyday utensils in a special tree along the trail.

Price: $15.00