No-Nonsense Guide to Indigenous Peoples, The, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT  A short introduction to and overview of the world's Indigenous peoples, commissioned by New Internationalist for its No-Nonsense Guides series. This 144-page guide introduces the general reader to issues of colonialism, conquest, land, the environment, and fighting back. Allows the Indigenous peoples to speak for themselves and includes the Barabaig of Tanzania; the Yanomami of Brazil; the Ogiek of Kenya; the Kurds of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria; the Karamojong of Uganda; peoples in Canada, Brazil, Chile, Southeast Asia, and many others.

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Perspectives on Globalization, hardcover ed


Perspectives on Globalization explores the origins of globalization, the implications of economic globalization, and the impact of globalization on lands, cultures, human rights, and quality of life. Using an inquiry model of analysis and an engaging and varied presentation of content, this text encourages students to be aware of their capability to effect changes in their communities, Canada's pluralistic society, and the world. Chapter two contains information about the Métis and the Michif language, as well as a feature about Maori singer Moana Maniapoto.

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Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Governance and Development, paper ed


A revolution is underway among the Indigenous nations of North America. It is a quiet revolution, largely unnoticed in society at large. But it is profoundly important. From High Plains states and Prairie Provinces to southwestern deserts, from Mississippi and Oklahoma to the northwest coast of the continent, Native peoples are reclaiming their right to govern themselves and to shape their future in their own ways. Challenging more than a century of colonial controls, they are addressing severe social problems, building sustainable economies, and reinvigorating Indigenous cultures.

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Lighting the Eighth Fire: The Liberation, Resurgence, and Protection of Indigenous Nations, paper ed


Lighting the Eighth Fire: The Liberation, Resurgence, and Protection of Indigenous Nations is a collection of 13 essays by Indigenous scholars edited by Leanne Simpson. The collection offers readers an insight into Indigenous perspectives regarding colonialism, self-government, traditional knowledge, liberation, and the importance of the land. Writers from a range of First Nations offer Nation specific understandings about these issues in terms of economic development, treaties, politics, governance, environmental concerns, and social justice movements.

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Forced Federalism: Contemporary Challenges to Indigenous Nationhood, hardcover ed


Forced Federalism: Contemporary Challenges to Indigenous Nationhood coauthored by Cherokee scholar Jeff Corntassel and Richard C Witmer II, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Creighton University, offers political science students and scholars a convincing account of the methods of forced federalism undertaken by the United States in its efforts to challenge Indigenous sovereignty and economic development in America. Corntassel is Assistant Professor and Graduate Advisor for the Indigenous Governance Programs at the University of Victoria.

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Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts, paper ed


Intercultural Dispute Resolution in Aboriginal Contexts is a collection of 19 scholarly papers edited by Catherine Bell is Professor of Law and David Kahane is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Alberta. The essays collected here provide a balanced view of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), exploring its opportunities and effectiveness alongside its challenges and limits.

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Moving Toward Justice: Legal Traditions and Aboriginal Justice, paper ed


Moving Toward Justice: Legal Traditions and Aboriginal Justice contains twelve essays first presented during a March 2006 justice and law conference held in Regina and sponsored by First Nations University and the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy. The papers are generally legal approaches to the issue of Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian justice system.

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