Petit Metis et la Ceinture Flechee, (Little Metis and the Metis Sash), paper ed OUT OF PRINT


UNAVAILABLE Petit Metis et la Ceinture Flechee is the French edition of Little Metis and the Metis Sash, a children's story by Metis author Deborah Delorande. This French edition is translated by Mona Buors. In this story Delorande combines Metis and Saulteaux information in an interesting contemporary story about a young Metis boy and his efforts to help his family. Little Metis is bored and asks his Kookum what he can do for fun. She sends him out to help his father and then the trouble begins. The Wind tags along and Little Metis takes his grandmother's coloured wool skeins as a guide.

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March Toward the Thunder, paper ed


March Toward Thunder is a moving historical novel by Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac that features 15-year old Louis, an Abenaki youth from Canada. He is recruited to fight for the northern Irish Brigade during the American Civil War. While living in New York with his mother 15-year-old Nolette seeks adventure, a paycheque, and an end to slavery. The army seems like a good choice. Here Louis finds other frightened youth on the long summer march to Virginia. He discovers there is no actual war heroes or bad guys just a dirty business, as one sergeant puts it.

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Porcupine Year, The, paper ed


The Porcupine Year is the third children's novel in Ojibwe writer Louise Erdrich's series about the life of a 19th-century Ojibwe family set on Madeline Island in Lake Superior. This story is set in 1852 and the lead character, Omakayas, is twelve-years-old as her family is forced to move from their beloved land because of the demands by the chimookomanag, the white people, who are moving closer to the people every year. The family decides to travel north to meet up with a sister's family.

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Girl with a Baby, The, paper ed


The Girl with a Baby is a novel by author Sylvia Olsen, who married into the Tsartlip First Nation, where she has raised her four children. Jane, one of the most popular girls and best students in her school, loses her good reputation when she has a baby at the age of fourteen, but as her grandmother predicted, Jane learns that motherhood has only made her stronger. ATOS Reading Level: 4.4; Reading Level: 4.4. Author Website:

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For the Children, paper ed


For the Children is the newly published posthumous book of poetry by renowned Mi'kmaw poet Rita Joe (1932-2007). The publisher, Breton Books, collected previously published poems and more recent poems that were written when illness entered Rita Joe's life. Black ink woodcuts of animals drawn by Burland Murphy are included throughout the volume. Rita Joe was born in Wycocomagh, Cape Breton Island and attended Shubenacadie Indian Residential School. Her first book of poetry was published in 1978.

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Goodbye Buffalo Bay, paper ed


Goodbye Buffalo Bay is the latest book from the writing team, Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden. This chapter book tells the story of Larry Loyie's teen years when he spent his final year at residential school and then went out into the world to make a living. This novel is the sequel to As Long as the River Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School and When the Spirits Dance. The years spent at residential school culminate in a final year spent with the priests and nuns and most importantly one's friends and siblings.

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Jim Thorpe: Original All-American, paper ed


Prolific Abenaki writer Joseph Bruchac has written a new first-person narrative biography of famed athlete Jim Thorpe (1887-1953). Thorpe is known as the greatest athlete who ever lived and his career in professional football and Major League Baseball stand as lasting testaments to this remarkable person. He was winner of Olympic gold medals in track and field during the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. The accounts of his early years and difficult times at Carlisle Indian School (residential school) are told with candor and modesty.

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Cyberbullying: Deal with It and Ctrl Alt Delete It, paper ed


Cyberbullying: Deal with It and Ctrl Alt Delete It is one of the titles in the Deal With It Series created to assist adolescents with everyday conflicts in their lives and promotes peaceful resolution. This title examines the growing phenomenon known as cyberbullying and how to identify and effectively deal with the tactics of a cyberbully. The book describes scenarios of cyberbullying and how students can identify the actions of others online. The book covers how to take action against cyberbullying behaviours whether the student is the cyberbully, the target, or the witness.

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Buffalo Song, hardcover ed


Buffalo Song is a new picture book from prolific Abenaki storyteller and author Joseph Bruchac. This fictionalized account of the initial rescue of the American bison or buffalo is told through the eyes of the people first involved. The story opens in the year 1873 as two Nez Perce riders come across the bodies of slaughtered buffalo on the floor of a protected canyon. Hunters had taken only the tongues and left the animals where they fell. Only a weakened calf survived and the boy and his father take the dying calf to a man known as Sam Walking Coyote.

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Yetsa's Sweater, hardcover ed


Yetsa's Sweater is a charming picture book by Sylvia Olsen about the women of the Coast Salish who continue to create beautiful Cowichan sweaters. It is an effective picture book that demonstrates First Nations experiential learning. Yetsa is spending time with her grandmother assisting in the preparation of the sheep's wool needed to knit these amazing one-of-a-kind sweaters. The story and illustrations show the love and understanding between the generations as Yetsa's mother joins the group to complete the many tasks needed to make the wool ready for knitting.

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