Mkoons Miinwaa Zidens Eshki-Saagjiitmowaad (The Adventures of Mkoons and Zidens), paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


Mkoons Miinwaa Zidens Eshki-Saagjiitmowaad (The Adventures of Mkoons and Zidens) was written and illustrated by Grade 6-8 students at First Nations School, Toronto. The students include Sharmylae Taffe, Cecily Jacko, Celia Pasquatch, Nickolas Marshall, Brian Esquimaux, Elijah Stevens, Olivia Stevens, Shayne Green and Andy Esquimaux. Ojibwe translation provided by Dorothy Pitawanakwat with assistance from Rose Logan Pitawanakwat. This bilingual story written in English and Ojibwe tells the adventures of two bear cubs and their encounter with a young girl.

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Secret of the White Buffalo: An Oglala Legend, The, hardcover ed


OUT OF PRINT The Secret of the White Buffalo: An Oglala Legend is a children's picture book by Mohawk artist and storyteller C. J. Taylor. In this retelling for young readers, Taylor explains the story associated with the coming of the Sacred Pipe to the Lakota Sioux people. The story begins long ago when the people lived on the land and relied on the buffalo as their source for housing, clothing, food and much more. The people in this camp experienced a long and difficult winter. The children disobeyed their parents and elders and the parents lost patience with their children.

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Father's Boots: Azhe'e Bikenidoots'osii, hardcover ed


Father's Boots: Azhe'e Bikenidoots'osii is a bilingual English and Navajo picture book published by Salina Bookshelf that tells the story of three Navajo brothers who are waiting for their father to return home for the Christmas holidays. Storyteller and artist Baje Whitethorne has created an interesting approach to informing children about the Navajo (Dine) traditions of storytelling and the inherent traditional knowledge and spirituality embedded in these stories. This Navajo family consists of the parents, their three sons, and grandmother. The family lives in two hogans.

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Good Rainbow Road: A Native American Tale in Keres and English, The, hardcover ed


The Good Rainbow Road: A Native American Tale in Keres and English is retold by Acoma Pueblo storyteller Simon J. Ortiz. As author of this creative narrative Ortiz explains in a note that this book does not retell a traditional legend. Rather it is a contemporary story that draws on the strong cultural traditions of his people and tells a story that can relate to all ethnic groups. The story is set long ago in the Southwest during a time of great drought. It is a time of crop failures and hungry villages. It is also a time when the people had forgotten their traditional teachings.

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Promise Is A Promise, A, hardcover ed, 18th printing


A Promise Is A Promise is the popular children's picture book by well-known children's author Robert Munsch and Inuit storyteller Michael Kusugak. In this story Michael Kusugak and Robert Munsch collaborate by taking the mythical characters that live in the sea ice, the Qallupilluit, and create an adventure story about a young Inuit girl. Allashua does not listen to her mother's warnings about Qallupilluit. She convinces herself that these creatures, which are similar to trolls, are just stories her mother uses as a warning to keep away from the dangerous sea ice.

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Hide and Sneak, hardcover ed, 5th printing UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher Hide and Sneak is a children's picture book by well known Inuit writer and storyteller Michael Kusugak. In this story, the main character is a young girl named Allashua. She is not very good at playing hide and seek with her friends. She finds too many interesting animals and insects in her environment that draws her attention from the game. One day Allashua meets an Ijiraq, a hide and seek creature that helps children hide so well they are never found.

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Flour Sack Friends, paper ed


Flour Sack Friends is a follow-up children's picture book about a young Metis girl named Flora. Flora and her family live some distance from the nearest general store and village. When Flora hears that the family is planning a shopping expedition to the village Flora excitedly tells her pet frog. Flora hopes that there will be dolls for sale at the general store. She plans to see how the dolls are made and dressed so she can ask her grandmother to sew a new doll for her. When the family arrives at the store, Flora is told the rules about shopping.

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How Marten Got His Spots and Other Kootenai Indian Stories, paper ed


How Marten Got His Spots and Other Kootenai Indian Stories, published by the Kootenai Culture Committee, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, was developed by the Kootenai Culture Committee, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. This 42-page book offers traditional stories that were intended as an Indian reading series by the Pacific Northwest Indian Program, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, Oregon. The four brief legends were written for third and fourth grade students and designed to educate Native American children about their history and culture.

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Pauline Johnson: First Aboriginal Voice of Canada, paper ed


Pauline Johnson: First Aboriginal Voice of Canada is one of the titles in XYZ Publishing's Quest Series. These titles are 10,000-word narrative biographies of important historical figures in Canada. Emily Pauline Johnson 1861-1913, well-known Canadian poet from Six Nations of the Grand River wrote poetry about her community, identity, and the larger world. The biography describes her years growing up at Chiefswood and her later years spent on the stage reciting poetry she had written. This volume contains black and white archival photographs and an index.

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