One Native Life, hardcover ed


One Native Life by journalist and author Richard Wagamese breaks new ground in the world of Aboriginal literature. Richard Wagamese is Ojibway from the Wabasseemoong First Nation and has worked newspaper reporter and a broadcaster for radio and TV. His latest volume offers readers a positive and hopeful journey following this Ojibwe man's life journey as an abused child sent to foster homes, experiencing racism, overcoming alcoholism, and finding one's Indigenous identity.

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Aboriginal Ontario: Historical Perspectives on the First Nations, paper ed


Aboriginal Ontario: Historical Perspectives on the First Nations is a collection of 17 archaeological and historical essays about the history of First Nations in Ontario from precontact to the 1980s. The 14 authors offer accounts about the Algonquian and Iroquoian First Nations whose traditional territories covered the whole of the province. The first part of the book looks at the climate and landforms of the region as well as the material culture of the First Nations from the perspective of the archaeologist.

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Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids, The, paper ed


The Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids is an excellent teaching resource about Ojibwe history and culture. Organized around the traditional values that form Ojibwe ways of thinking, living and being, the nine chapters take readers from the time of creation to the present day. The chapters discuss the Creator's vision of the earth, the Grandfathers, Grandmother Moon, the prophecies, the westward migration, the time of the fur trade, treaties and reservations, the time of the Sixth Fire, and the Seventh Generation.

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Treaty Promises, Indian Reality: Life on a Reserve, paper ed


Treaty Promises, Indian Reality: Life on a Reserve is a story of triumph over adversity and oppression. In this very personal account of life on an Indian reserve and in residential schools, Harold LeRat, with the assistance of writer Linda Ungar, relates the history of the Cowessess people based on stories told by Elders, research he did in connection with the land surrender, and his own recollections. In many ways, this book provides a look at the Indian reality of the lives of many First Nations peoples and the development of reserves on the Prairies.

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Finding My Talk: How Fourteen Native Women Reclaimed Their Lives After Residential School, paper ed


14 First Nations, Inuit, and Metis women from across Canada comment on their experiences at residential schools. Several are writers and most are educators but all believe that Aboriginal People must in the future continue to control their children's education. A celebration of the resistance, resilience and achievements of Native women demonstrating that there can be a good life after residential school.

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Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders, reprint, paper


Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders is a reprint of the book by the same name originally published in 1990. Writers Harvey Arden and Steve Wall met with traditional Elders across North America beginning in 1981 as they journeyed across the continent to locate and interview keepers of traditional knowledge. They met with Elders from the Lakota, Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Ojibwe, Hopi, Seminole, Ute, Pawnee, Shinnecock, Hoh, and Lumbee Nations to gather information that became the core of the book. Photographer Steve Wall snapped images of the Elders and the land.

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Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative, The, paper ed


The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative is the 2003 Massey lectures by award-winning author and scholar Thomas King. In true storyteller fashion King looks at the breadth and depth of First Nations experience and imagination in this humour-filled talk. Beginning with traditional oral stories, King weaves his way through identity, literature and history, religion and politics, popular culture and social issues, in an effort to make sense of Canada's relationship with Aboriginal peoples. Reads as a Native Studies 100 history course ideal for secondary students and public libraries.

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Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene


Sayisi Dene voices explore the painful experiences of their relocation as traditional hunters following the caribou herds to a slum settlement on the outskirts of Churchill, Manitoba. By the early 1970s, the band realized they had to take their future into their own hands again. After searching for a suitable location, they set up a new community at Tadoule Lake, 250 miles north of Churchill. Today they run their own health, education and community programs.

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Full Circle: Canada's First Nations, second edition, paper ed Limited Quantity


Limited Quantity This title is not always stocked, please allow additional time for shipping. Full Circle: Canada's First Nations, second edition has just been released by Pearson Prentice Hall Publishers. This book is written by John Steckley and Bryan Cummins and provides a textbook format about Aboriginal Peoples in Canada from the precontact era to contemporary issues. The book is organized into major themes that cover Origins and Oral Traditions, Culture Areas, Legal Definitions, Effects of Colonialism, and Contemporary Debates and Social Action.

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Earth Elder Stories: The Pinayzitt Path


Earth Elder Stories: The Pinayzitt Path is an authorized student support resource for Alberta Education grade 10, 11, and 12 courses. Alexander Wolfe is a Saulteaux and Ojibwe storyteller and the keeper of his family's oral history. The easy reading, brief stories provide students with an account of Ojibwe and Saulteaux oral traditions as they relate to history and ceremonies. Included in this collection are stories about the origin of dances such as grass dance, and how the ceremonial dances were banned by the government and churches.

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