Wilma Mankiller: Chief of the Cherokee Nation, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher Wilma Mankiller: Chief of the Cherokee Nation is one of the titles in the Signature Lives Series published by Compass Point Books. The remarkable life story of Wilma Mankiller (1945- ) is told in nine chapters. As a Cherokee girl, Wilma Mankiller grew up during a time of change in America. She experienced first-hand the effects of the federal government's relocation program for Native Americans when her family was moved from their home in Oklahoma to San Francisco.

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Jim Thorpe: Original All-American, hardcover ed


Prolific Abenaki writer Joseph Bruchac has written a new first-person narrative biography of famed athlete Jim Thorpe (1887-1953). Thorpe is known as the greatest athlete who ever lived and his career in professional football and Major League Baseball stand as lasting testaments to this remarkable person. He was winner of Olympic gold medals in track and field during the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. The accounts of his early years and difficult times at Carlisle Indian School (residential school) are told with candor and modesty.

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Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws: The Sugar Bush, paper ed


Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws: The Sugar Bush is a graphic novel based on the characters in the comic strip that appears in Anishinabek News. Artist Chad Solomon, grandson of respected Ojibwe Elder and activist Art Solomon, created two Ojibwe brothers known as Rabbit and Bear Paws. With this inaugural 32-page comic, Rabbit and Pear Paws are key players in an 18th century North American setting. The artist places the two characters in Ontario where they come into contact with English soldiers on route to Niagara.

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When the Spirits Dance: A Cree Boy's Search For the Meaning of War, paper ed


When the Spirits Dance by award-winning authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden is a recent children's book about a Cree family during the Second World War. Larry Loyie grew up with his extended family in Rabbit Hill in northern Alberta. In 1941 when Larry was eight, the family's traditional lifestyle was interrupted as the need for an increased Canadian war effort reached Slave Lake in Alberta. The Loyie family was faced with the need for all able-bodied men to enlist in Canada's army.

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Stories of the People: Native American Voices, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


Stories of the People: Native American Voices was published in conjunction with the National Museum of the American Indian's exhibition, Stories of the People, held at the Smithsonian in 1996-1997. The book celebrates six diverse cultures|Northern Plains, Tuscarora, Cherokee, Makah, Quechua, and Western Apache. Six curators from these cultural traditions write about their Nation's artistic expressions in material culture. The artistic beauty of the cultural objects is explained from a Native American perspective through oral tradition, story, and spiritual traditions.

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Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids, The, paper ed


The Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids is an excellent teaching resource about Ojibwe history and culture. Organized around the traditional values that form Ojibwe ways of thinking, living and being, the nine chapters take readers from the time of creation to the present day. The chapters discuss the Creator's vision of the earth, the Grandfathers, Grandmother Moon, the prophecies, the westward migration, the time of the fur trade, treaties and reservations, the time of the Sixth Fire, and the Seventh Generation.

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Hook Up, hardcover ed


Hook Up by author Kim Firmston is an edgy teen novel for reluctant readers in the SideStreets Series from James Lorimer and Company Publishers. Cody Manywounds is a Tsuu T'ina teen who believes his life and schooling are all on track. His gets good grades and his plans include university. Some minor issues in the past involving some friends is now resolved and Cody knows he has a hot girlfriend and life is good. But when Cody receives the text message that announces his girlfriend's pregnancy his whole world is now upside down.

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Gathering Tree, The, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher The Gathering Tree is the most recent children's book by award-winning authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden. The authors tackle the difficult issue of HIV/AIDS in this picture book set in a First Nations community in British Columbia. A special cousin is returning home for a community ceremony. Robert is a 21-year-old First Nations man who went to the city for his education. His younger cousins, Tyler and Shay-Lyn, look up to him as a role model for his marathon running ability.

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Gchi-Kinoomaadwinan gaa-ni-zhi-aankeshkaamgag (How the Great Teachings were Passed On), paper ed


Gchi-Kinoomaadwinan gaa-ni-zhi-aankeshkaamgag (How the Great Teachings were Passed On) is a bilingual, Ojibwe/English book written and illustrated by the Grade 6 to 8 students at First Nations School, Toronto. Ojibwe translation provided by Dorothy Pitawanakwat. European contact is predicted and explained using the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. Artwork and story were created by the students in this urban school.

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