When the Spirits Dance: A Cree Boy's Search For the Meaning of War, paper ed


When the Spirits Dance by award-winning authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden is a recent children's book about a Cree family during the Second World War. Larry Loyie grew up with his extended family in Rabbit Hill in northern Alberta. In 1941 when Larry was eight, the family's traditional lifestyle was interrupted as the need for an increased Canadian war effort reached Slave Lake in Alberta. The Loyie family was faced with the need for all able-bodied men to enlist in Canada's army.

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As Long as the Rivers Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School, paper ed


As Long as the Rivers Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School is a poignant story for children about the joyous summer spent in northern Alberta in 1944. The story focuses on the daily routine of a ten-year-old Cree boy named Lawrence. His days are filled with family activities and personal adventures. At the beginning of summer Lawrence overhears the adults talking about how the children would have to attend a school far away and that this school was something like prison.

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Very Small Rebellion, A, paper ed


A Very Small Rebellion is a novel set in the 1950s in a Prairie classroom. The students are Metis and First Nation and their teacher introduces the idea of the class performing a play. The students begin their rehearsals and their study of the historic period in Canadian history known as the Riel or Northwest Resistance. The author has selected to combine a story about the students' school play along with brief entries at the beginning of each chapter that explains the events of Riel and the Metis Resistance.

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Tom Longboat, revised edition, paper ed


Tom Longboat is the revised Fitzhenry and Whiteside title from The Canadians Series. This biography of the noted historical figure, Tom Longboat (1887-1949) examines his athletic career as Canada's foremost Native long-distance runner. Tom Longboat was an Onondaga from the Six Nations Reserve, Ontario. The biography begins with an introductory chapter about the development of sport in Canada and among the First Nations. The next chapter describes the context of the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee culture at the time of Longboat's birth, and outlines his early years.

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Gabriel Dumont, revised edition, paper ed


Gabriel Dumont is one of the title's in Fitzhenry's series, The Canadians. This volume of historical biography is written by George Woodcock. Born in St Boniface in 1837 of French and Indian parentage, Gabriel Dumont's childhood was spent in the Saskatchewan country, where he grew accustomed to the lifestyle of the Metis. The most stable social institution was the annual buffalo hunt with its rules. When Gabriel Dumont became head of the Great Saskatchewan Hunt in 1862 the end of this lifestyle was already in sight.

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Man Who Ran Faster Than Everyone: The Story of Tom Longboat, The


The Man Who Ran Faster Than Everyone: The Story of Tom Longboat is a recent biography about the contribution made by a Six Nations athlete to Canadian sports history. Tom Longboat (1887-1949) was a member of the Onondaga Nation born on the Six Nations Reserve. He entered competitive running in 1905 at the height of a racing craze that had swept North America. As an amateur and a professional athlete, Longboat gained the admiration of thousands of racing fans. He won the Boston Marathon in 1907 in record time and competed in the 1908 Olympics.

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Buckskin and Broadcloth: A Celebration of E. Pauline Johnson - Tekahionwake 1861-1913, paper ed


Buckskin and Broadcloth: A Celebration of E. Pauline Johnson - Tekahionwake 1861-1913 is a biography of Pauline Johnson, poet-performer of Mohawk and English background. This scrapbook of anecdotes, letters, poetry, archival photographs and illustrations celebrates the life of a Canadian entertainer who travelled widely throughout Canada, United States and England during the Victorian era. Interspersed throughout the text are 40 poems that did not appear in Johnson's classic volume, Flint and Feather.

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Aboriginal Peoples: Building for the Future, paper ed


Aboriginal Peoples: Building for the Future tells the story of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada in the 20th century. The book is arranged into 37 chapters each covering a specific topic. Topics as diverse as elders, residential schools, life in the cities, the arts, treaties, forced relocations, as well as land claims and self-government are explored. Each chapter contains a wealth of information in the form of primary source quotations, photographs, works of art, graphs and charts, and text.

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