Aboriginal Biographies: Athletes, paper ed, Out of Print


Aboriginal Biographies: Athletes is one of the 2013 titles in Weigl Educational Publishers series about outstanding First Nation, Inuit, and Métis athletes. This title provides biographical details about the lives and careers of Tom Longboat Onondaga long distance runner; Colette Bourgonje Metis paralympic racer; Alwyn Morris Mohawk Olympic kayaker; Richard Peter Cowichan wheelchair basketball; Monica Pinette Metis pentathlete; and Jordin Tootoo Inuk hockey player.

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Counting on Hope, paper ed


Award-winning writer Sylvia Olsen's sensitively drawn depiction of innocence lost and wisdom hard won, Counting on Hope tells the story of an English girl named Hope and a Lamalcha girl named Letia, whose lives are profoundly changed when their two cultures meet. The action is set against the backdrop of the confusing events surrounding the English colonization of British Columbia and an 1863 naval assault on Kuper Island. Alternating between free verse and prose, Counting on Hope follows the girls' individual story lines before, during and after their meeting.

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Secret of the Dance, paper ed


Secret of the Dance is a picture book tells the fictional story of an nine-year-old Kwakwaka'wakw boy who witnesses a Potlatch Ceremony in 1935. Retired provincial court judge, Alfred Scow, recounts the event to Andrea Spalding about this once forbidden ceremony. The federal government passed legislation prohibiting Potlatch Ceremonies in 1885. These important ceremonies were often held in private by families because if caught the participants could face prison time or have their regalia and masks confiscated.

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Kids Book of Great Canadian Women, The, hardcover ed


The Kids Book of Great Canadian Women profiles more than 130 women and their amazing feats in exploration, science, the arts, politics and many other fields. The entries are organized by area of expertise such as art, performance, scientists, athletes, writers, innovators, and politicians. Aboriginal women featured include: Shania Twain, Susan Aglukark, Pitseolak Ashoona, Kenojuak Ashevak, Thanadelthur, Kateri Tekakwitha, Shawnadithit, Pauline Johnson, Nellie Cournoyea, Roberta Jamieson, and Molly Brant.

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Secret of Your Name: Proud to be Metis, The, hardcover ed(reprinting)


The Secret of Your Name: Proud to be Metis, Kiimooch ka shinikashooyen, Aen Kishchitaymook Aen Li Michif Iwik, is the 2010 picture book by renowned Métis author David Bouchard. The book draws in readers with the warmth and detailed colour art illustrations by Dennis J. Weber as well as the poetic verses written in English and Michif. The story of the author's identity is told in the spare text and the engaging images. He begins with acknowledging the early contact period of the French and First Nations.

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Goodbye Buffalo Bay, paper ed


Goodbye Buffalo Bay is the latest book from the writing team, Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden. This chapter book tells the story of Larry Loyie's teen years when he spent his final year at residential school and then went out into the world to make a living. This novel is the sequel to As Long as the River Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School and When the Spirits Dance. The years spent at residential school culminate in a final year spent with the priests and nuns and most importantly one's friends and siblings.

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Tom Longboat: Born to Run, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


Tom Longboat: Born to Run is one of the titles in the Reaching Readers, Canadian Biographies series published by Pearson Education. This biography is written for the Guided Reading Level T-U and the DRA Level 50. This brief biography tells the story of the Onondaga marathon runner who won the Boston Marathon in 1907. His early years spent growing up on the Six Nations reserve family farm is changed when his father died and young Tom is sent to the Mohawk Institute Residential School.

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Native Women of Courage for Young Readers, paper ed


Native Women of Courage for Young Readers is a collection of brief biographical sketches of ten outstanding First Nations women. Métis author Kelly Fournel celebrates the lives of Winona LaDuke, Sarah Winnemucca, Maria Tallchief, Mary Kim Titla, Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, Susan Aglukark, Wilma Mankiller, Suzanne Rochon-Burnett, Lorna B. Williams, and Pauline Johnson. Each biography includes information about how each woman overcame difficult circumstances to achieve success in her field of endeavor.

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When the Spirits Dance: A Cree Boy's Search For the Meaning of War, paper ed


When the Spirits Dance by award-winning authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden is a recent children's book about a Cree family during the Second World War. Larry Loyie grew up with his extended family in Rabbit Hill in northern Alberta. In 1941 when Larry was eight, the family's traditional lifestyle was interrupted as the need for an increased Canadian war effort reached Slave Lake in Alberta. The Loyie family was faced with the need for all able-bodied men to enlist in Canada's army.

Price: $16.95

As Long as the Rivers Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School, paper ed


As Long as the Rivers Flow: A Last Summer Before Residential School is a poignant story for children about the joyous summer spent in northern Alberta in 1944. The story focuses on the daily routine of a ten-year-old Cree boy named Lawrence. His days are filled with family activities and personal adventures. At the beginning of summer Lawrence overhears the adults talking about how the children would have to attend a school far away and that this school was something like prison.

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