Renewal Teoni's Giveaway: Book Two, LIMITED QUANTITY


Renewal Teoni's Giveaway: Book Two is the second volume of Barbara Smith's epic fantasy based on Northwest Coast themes. The story revolves around Teoni and her life after she leaves her water home among the Anishoni, People of the Sea. The Anishoni had adopted Teoni as a young girl and taught her their way of life based on love and respect. Her return to the modern world of oil spills and environmental degradation is a fulfillment of a prophecy. She brings a vision of healing to our troubled world.

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Moccasin Maker, The, paper ed


The Moccasin Maker is an annotated anthology of Emily Pauline Johnson's (1861-1913) short story collection first published in 1913. This University of Oklahoma Press edition is edited by A. Lavonne Brown Ruoff. It contains all of the original short stories that appeared in the original publication. The stories include: My Mother; Catharine of the "Crow's Nest"; A Red Girl's Reasoning; The Envoy Extraordinary; A Pagan in St.

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