Many Nations (Peturson), paper ed


Many Nations is one of the Reading for Real titles from Thomson Duval publishers. This title is presented as a report text form about the so-called Ancient Nations of North America such as the Anasazi or Cliff Dwellers of the American Southwest; the Haida of the Pacific Northwest; the Moundbuilders of the Mississippi; and the Beothuk of Newfoundland. This Reading for Real titles introduces students to four reports about the significant technological achievements of these peoples.

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Inuit of the North, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


Inuit of the North is one of the Reading for Real titles from Thomson Duval publishers. This title is presented as a report text form about the Inuit past and present told in text and photographs. The beginning is presented as a question from a southern Canada teacher asking an Inuk teacher in Iqaluit about life in Nunavut. Students in southern Canada wrote a list of questions for northern students and made some common mistakes about Inuit still living in igloos. The northern students brainstormed ideas about creating reports in order to satisfy the southern students' curiosity.

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Cloudwalker, hardcover ed


Cloudwalker by renowned Northwest Coast artist Roy Henry Vickers recounts in text and images the creation of the rivers the source of three of British Columbia’s largest salmon-bearing rivers. These rivers, the Nass, Skeena, and the Stikine, are the source of life for all creatures in the area. Cloudwalker is the second in a series of Northwest Coast legends by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd. This 40-page book explains the creation of these rivers. Astace, a young Gitxsan hunter, is intent on catching a group of swans with his bare hands.

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No Borders: Kigliqangittuq, hardcover ed


No Borders: Kigliqangittuq is the 2013 title in Fifth House Publishing's The Land Is Our Storybook series. This popular series is designed to highlight one of the official Aboriginal language groups in the Northwest Territories.  The book presents information about the people and communities of Kugluktuk, Nunavut and Ulukhaktok, NWT. Although recently divided by the border between the two territories the communities share a common ancestry and their language called Inuinnaqtun. In this 34-page photo essay information book readers meet 16-year old Darla Evyagotailak and her extended family.

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Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape, The, paper ed


The Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape is a trilingual picture book that retells a Mi'kmaq legend. The French section is Le maître Glooscap transforme animaux et paysage and is translated by Rejean Roy. The Mi’kmaq section is Mawiknat Klu’skap Sa’se’wo’laji Wi’sisk aqq Sa’se’wa’toq Maqamikew and is translated by Serena Sock. The English section is written by Allison Mitcham. The illustrated story explains how the geography of New Brunswick came to be. It also explains why the animals appear in their current shape and size.

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Uumajut Learn About Arctic Wildlife, paper ed


Uumajut Learn About Arctic Wildlife published by Inhabit Media in partnership with Qikiqtani Inuit Association and the Nunavut Bilingual Education Society is written by Nunavut resident Simon Awa, along with Anna Ziegler and Stephanie McDonald. This 30-page bilingual book (English and Inuktitut syllabics) explores the various animals of the tundra and the sea and ice regions of the Arctic. A brief introduction provides additional background for the teacher and the section about the tundra features information about the lemming, caribou, Arctic fox, and the wolverine.

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Sahara: Vanishing Cultures, paper ed


Sahara: Vanishing Cultures is a new title from Lee and Low Publishers in their Explore Vanishing Cultures Series. Each title in the series examines an Indigenous culture as the people attempt to face the challenges of their changing environment. In this book, the author offers elementary readers an opportunity to see a contemporary Tuareg family. This family lives in the Sahara and the picture book offers readers a glimpse into their lives through the eyes of a boy in the family.

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Stones, Bones and Stitches: Storytelling Through Inuit Art, hardcover ed


Stones, Bones and Stitches: Storytelling Through Inuit Art is a recent book for students about the lives of six Inuit artists: Oviloo Tunnillie, Joe Talirunili, Jessie Oonark, Lutka Qiatsuk, David Reben Piqtoukun, and Kenojuak Ashevak. In this celebration of sculpture, printmaking, and embroidery stitching, the authors, curator and assistant curator of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, bring the lives of these men and women artists into focus.

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Inuit, The (Native Am. Series), hardcover ed


The Inuit is a juvenile literature title in the Native Americans series published by ABDO Publishing. Barbara Gray-Kanatiiosh, a member of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, is the author of this title. The series is designed to appeal to students in grade 3 to 5, and each title covers the culture and history of the particular Nation. In this title, the author describes the traditional homeland of the Inuit or Eskimo people of the northern regions of Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and Greenland. A map helps students locate the homeland and present day locations of the Inuit people.

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