Amik aime l'école : une histoire sur la sagesse, paper ed. French


Dans Amik aime l’ecole Amik raconte à Moshoom pourquoi il aime tant sa merveilleuse école. Puis c’est au tour de son grandpère de lui décrire le pensionnat autochtone qu’il a fréquenté, si différent de l’école d’Amik. C’est alors qu’Amik a une idée… Les Sept enseignements sacrés des Anishinaabeg (l’amour, la sagesse, l’humilité, le courage, le respect, l’honnêteté et la vérité) sont au coeur de ces sept histoires pour enfants.

Price: $9.95

Tout Petit Toi, paperback


Tout Petit Toi (Little You in English) is a charming and heart-warming book that welcomes a new baby into a family. Written by renowned author and storyteller Richard Van Camp, illustrated with creative flair by Julie Flett and translated Rachel Martinez, this book is a welcome addition to Indigenous family resources. Flett uses collage-like images of an infant who grows to be a toddler. This child is adored and loved by one or both parents on every other page. Simple rhyming text accompanies each image.

Price: $19.95

Colouring it Forward - Découvrez l'Art et la Sagesse des Denés du Nord, French, paperback ed.


Dans ce livre à colorier d'art autochtone, Diana Frost vous invite à découvrir les oeuvres talentueuses des artistes dénés Christiana Latham et Michael Fatt, ainsi que la sagesse des ainés dénés tels que le regretté George Blondin. Amusez-vous à colorier des images de caribous, d'hiboux et d'aurores boréales.

Price: $23.95

Colouring It Forward - Découvrez l'Art et la Sagesse des Pieds-Noirs, French paperback ed.


Colouring It Forward – Découvrez l’Art et la Sagesse des Pieds-Noirs est plus qu’un simple livre à colorier. Ce livre contient des œuvres d’art authentiques de la nation Pieds-Noirs ainsi que des enseignements d’un ancien de la nation Pieds-Noirs. C’est le premier ouvrage d’une série de livres. Chaque livre mettra l’accent sur l’art et les enseignements d’une nation autochtone différente. Pour ce premier ouvrage, j’ai eu le privilège de travailler avec Camille Pablo Russell, ancien de la nation Pieds-Noirs, qui a généreusement accepté de partager avec moi sa sagesse traditionnelle.

Price: $23.95

Connecting Our First Family, Colouring Book, paperback ed.


This colouring book is part of the Connecting with Our First Family / gaa-izhi-azhenaadiziyang nindinimaaganinaan: series. This book is published by TakingITGlobal Connected North program in partnership with Indigenous Artist and Visual Story Teller, Nyle Johnston of Miigizi Creations. The purpose of the project is to support students and educators in the process of understanding the Anishinaabe Nation, strengthening identity and culture, Ojibwe language revitalization and community development.

Price: $10.00

Eaglecrest Reading Set French (50 titles)


Eaglecrest Reading Set of 50 French titles is Set B in Levels 1/A to 21/M. Eaglecrest Collections are leveled early literacy collections of books featuring First Nations and Native American children and families. Eaglecrest Books have been carefully leveled to help support early literacy learners become strategic, fluent, independent readers. These books encourage understanding, respect and interest among all students. Set B is on the North American Reading Recovery ® Book List.

Price: $325.00

Spirit Bear : pêcher le savoir, attraper des rêves/ Spirit Bear: Fishing for Knowledge, Catching Dreams, French, paperback ed.


Spirit Bear : pêcher le savoir, attraper des rêves / Spirit Bear: Fishing for Knowledge, Catching Dreams, written by Cindy Blackstock and illustrated by Amanda Strong, is based on the story of Shannen Koostachin and her dream for safe and comfy schools for every First Nations student in Canada.

Price: $15.00

Nibi a soif, très soif, French, (Nibi's Water Song), hardcover ed.


Nibi a soif, très soif is the French version of Nibi’s Water Song by Anishinabeg author Sunshine Tenasco from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Quebec, and who is also a clean water activist. This work is illustrated by Chief Lady Bird a Chippewa and Potawatomi artist from Rama First Nation and Moosedeer Point First Nation; the text is translated into French by Hélène Rioux. This is the story of very thirsty Nibi who needs to drink clean water, yet the water is always brown. She goes looking for drinking water and this is when her message begins to resonate with all that is around her.

Price: $19.99