I Can Make This Promise, paperback ed.


I Can Make This Promise by Christine Day (Upper Skagit) is the journaling story of Edie who wonders where her name actually comes from. After finding photos and letters in her attic with her friends, twelve-year old Edie is on a quest to find out why she is named after glamourous Edith Graham. The mystery begins to unravel amidst challenging and new friendships. A keen artist, Edie paints to find the beauty others have missed in her landscapes when she begins to include her people who lived in the area previously.

Price: $21.00

Just Lucky, paperback ed.


Just Lucky by Cree/Scottish author Melanie Florence is the story of Lucky, a teen who tries to find home again with the help of her friend, Ryan and her Grandma. A number of events leaves Lucky in the hands of Children’s Aid. She is moved between foster homes and school districts, all the while trying to fit in under difficult circumstances. Her foster home experiences are a mix of bad and better ones. Just Lucky weaves friendship, bullying, family and loss with love, patience and responsibility.


Price: $13.95

Flight: A Novel, paper ed


Flight: A Novel by acclaimed Spokane writer Sherman Alexie is a fantasy novel that deals with the issue of adoption and the foster system for Native American children. The plot follows the life of a troubled teen as he is transported back and forth in time in a search for his true identity. The magical realism plays out as a 15-year-old youth named Zits, recently released from juvenile detention, suddenly shifts into a bank robber holding a gun. The character again changes or shapeshifts into an FBI agent shooting at Indian activists in the 1970's.

Price: $23.95