Blind Boy and the Loon, The, hardcover ed.


The Blind Boy and the Loon is a retelling of a traditional Inuit story that both explains the origin of the narwhal and cautions listeners against the dangers of seeking revenge. This oral tradition is retained by Inuit storytellers and author Alethea Arnaquq-Baril explains this long narrative has been considerably shortened for this picture book published by Inhabit Media.  This children's book is illustrated by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril and Dan Gies. Set in the distant past this story begins with a mother and her children.

Price: $16.95

Ribbon Rescue: Tell Me a Story Kit UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher. Ribbon Rescue: Tell Me a Story Kit contains a 32-page picture book by Robert Munsch; a 5- minute audiocassette of the story read by Robert Munsch and a bookmark, all in plastic carrying bag. Ribbon Rescue by children's author Robert Munsch is a wonderful story about a Mohawk girl named Jillian who helps her neighbours while on her way to a family wedding.

Price: $0.00

On Mother's Lap Kit UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE On Mother's Lap Kit contains a picture book and audiocassette that celebrates an Inuit mother's love. A young boy named Michael enjoys a special quiet time being rocked on his mother's lap in the big rocking chair. As the pair rock back and forth, Michael realizes that some of his special toys also want to be included. One by one, Michael gathers his special Inuk dolly, boat, puppy, and Caribou blanket. Mother's lap has room for all the toys and the pet dog. But when Mother hears baby sister, she says that baby wants to cuddle too.

Price: $0.00

Different Game, A, paper ed


A Different Game is part of the Orca Young Readers Series and is the sequel to Murphy and Mousetrap by author Sylvia Olsen. The same characters are back at school and are entering grade seven. The sport of soccer is popular and the fabulous four, Murphy, Danny, Jeff and Albert have moved on from the reserve school to a community middle school. The group tries out for the soccer team and it is then that the friends wonder what is ailing Albert, the reserve school's soccer superstar. Murphy finds a new friendship with Molly and the group all try to determine what is the matter with Albert.

Price: $7.95

How the Fox Got His Crossed Legs, hardcover ed


How the Fox Got His Crossed Legs, Edànì nôgèe wegöö degèe adzà is a  picture book from Theytus that retells a traditional Tlicho (Dogrib) legend for young children. Theytus maintains strict protocols when publishing specific First Nation legends. With this attention to detail and cooperative nature, the result is an engaging story that maintains its integrity during the transformation from oral to written. The story explains why foxes have crossed legs. It begins long ago when Fox had a disagreement with a mean-spirited Bear.

Price: $22.95

Our Grandparents: A Global Album, paper ed


Our Grandparents: A Global Album is a 32-page photo essay published by Charlesbridge Publishing about the intergenerational love between grandparents and their grandchildren around the world. The book opens with Desmond Tutu's tribute to the role of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren throughout the world. The next page introduces toddlers and preschool children to the many ways of saying grandmother and grandfather.

Price: $10.50

When the Horses Ride By: Children in Times of War, paper ed


When the Horses Ride By: Children in Times of War is a powerful picture book that can be used effectively in the classroom to introduce discussions about war and peace. Through the eyes and words of children, the author and illustrator approached the themes of dreams and aspirations, and overcoming war by having the words spoken by children in 17 free verse poems. Each two-page spread tackles a period of military history such as the American Revolution or the second war in Iraq through the eyes of children affected by the war.

Price: $9.95

March Toward the Thunder, paper ed


March Toward Thunder is a moving historical novel by Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac that features 15-year old Louis, an Abenaki youth from Canada. He is recruited to fight for the northern Irish Brigade during the American Civil War. While living in New York with his mother 15-year-old Nolette seeks adventure, a paycheque, and an end to slavery. The army seems like a good choice. Here Louis finds other frightened youth on the long summer march to Virginia. He discovers there is no actual war heroes or bad guys just a dirty business, as one sergeant puts it.

Price: $13.99

Buffalo Song, hardcover ed


Buffalo Song is a new picture book from prolific Abenaki storyteller and author Joseph Bruchac. This fictionalized account of the initial rescue of the American bison or buffalo is told through the eyes of the people first involved. The story opens in the year 1873 as two Nez Perce riders come across the bodies of slaughtered buffalo on the floor of a protected canyon. Hunters had taken only the tongues and left the animals where they fell. Only a weakened calf survived and the boy and his father take the dying calf to a man known as Sam Walking Coyote.

Price: $26.55

Stone Cutter and the Navajo Maiden, The, hardcover ed


The Stone Cutter and the Navajo Maiden, Tse Yitsidi doo Ch'ikeeh Bitsedaashjee is a bilingual children's picture book that explains the importance of the Navajo metate or grinding stone. A young Navajo girl lives with her father after the death of her mother and takes over the roll of grinding the corn to make flour. One day she trips and falls while carrying the metate or grinding stone and it shatters. To the Navajo, this grinding stone is an important tool for processing corn into flour for breadmaking.

Price: $19.95