Muinji'j Becomes a Man, paper ed


Chief Mi'sel Joe has written an engaging chapter book, Muinji'j Becomes a Man, about a youth named Muinji'j who embarks on a life-changing canoe trip with Niskamij, his grandfather, to sell their furs and buy supplies in the distant city. The novel is organized into the four directions, East, South, West, and North, and readers learn early in the narrative that these are the cardinal directions for Mi'kmaq prayer. This first-person story contains Mi'kmaq terms, and sketches that will guide young readers to a gentle and informative story.

Price: $9.95

For the Children, paper ed


For the Children is the newly published posthumous book of poetry by renowned Mi'kmaw poet Rita Joe (1932-2007). The publisher, Breton Books, collected previously published poems and more recent poems that were written when illness entered Rita Joe's life. Black ink woodcuts of animals drawn by Burland Murphy are included throughout the volume. Rita Joe was born in Wycocomagh, Cape Breton Island and attended Shubenacadie Indian Residential School. Her first book of poetry was published in 1978.

Price: $18.95

Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 2, paper ed


Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 2 is the follow-up manual for Learning By Designing volume 1 and takes the reader further into an understanding of Northwest Coast First Nations art and design. The authors Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark provide teachers and students with a basic introduction to the art of the Northwest Coast as well as an understanding First Nations ethics and philosophy.

Price: $32.95

Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 1, paper ed


Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 1 is a comprehensive reference tool for anyone interested in the art designs of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations. Karin Clark and Jim Gilbert have provided an especially detailed resource that draws on their combined talents as educator and art teacher. While neither author has First Nations ancestry, they have both studied with and interviewed Northwest Coast artists and Elders.

Price: $32.95

Sharing Circle: Stories about First Nations Culture, The, paper ed


The Sharing Circle: Stories about First Nations Culture published by Nimbus Publishing is written by Mi’kmaw children’s book author Theresa Meuse-Dallien and illustrated by Mi’kmaw artist Arthur Stevens provides young readers a basic understanding of First Nations cultural teachings. Through the use of seven brief stories about a young First Nation boy and his family, the author introduces information about the Eagle Feather; Sweetgrass, Sage, Cedar, and Tobacco; Medicine Pouch; Dreamcatcher; The Talking Circle; The Medicine Wheel; and the Drum.

Price: $13.95

Wild Plants of Eastern Canada: Identifying, Harvesting and Using, paper ed


Wild Plants of Eastern Canada: Identifying, Harvesting and Using is an accessible guide to the uses of wild plants that grow in Eastern Canada. Drawing on the traditional knowledge of Mi'kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Celtic, Acadian, and Black Peoples, the author describes 60 plant species found in the region. The book includes contemporary recipes for these wild plants. The book also describes the ecological, medicinal, and cultural history of each plant. The book contains realistic drawings of the plants and includes safety tips for avoiding poisonous plants.

Price: $24.95

Six Micmac Stories, paper ed, reprint


Six Micmac Stories copublished by Nimbus Publishing and the Nova Scotia Museum contains six traditional legends retold with precision by anthropologist Ruth Holmes Whitehead. The stories pay particular attention to the original intent and teachings that accompany each story. Whitehead has taken original sources such as Silas Rand and fragments of the similar story to portray as accurately as possible the Mi'kmaq stories passed down through the oral tradition.

Price: $12.95

Loon Rock, paper ed


Loon Rock, Pkwimu Wkuntem is a bilingual picture book written by children's author Maxine Trottier and translated into Mi'kmaq by Helen Sylliboy. The story explains the significance of a loon pictograph and the youth who fasted for his vision long ago. When children and adults pass this image on the flat rock, the parents explain the story of the loon image. English and Mi'kmaq appear on each page so readers can appreciate another language. This simple story fills a gap in the literature by providing a book about the Mi'kmaq of the east coast.

Price: $9.95

Mi'kmaq: Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture, hardcover ed


Mi'kmaq: Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture is one of the titles in the Canadian Aboriginal Art and Culture series published by Weigl Educational Publishers. This volume written by Christine Webster describes the cultural history of the Mi'kmaq Nation of eastern Canada. The book provides 1 to 2-page spreads about Mi'kmaq homes, communities, clothing, food, tools, spirituality, ceremonies, language, storytelling, art, and petroglyphs. Using colour photographs, a map and a few archival images, the book explores the past and present of these resourceful communities.

Price: $28.75

Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids, The, paper ed


The Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids is an excellent teaching resource about Ojibwe history and culture. Organized around the traditional values that form Ojibwe ways of thinking, living and being, the nine chapters take readers from the time of creation to the present day. The chapters discuss the Creator's vision of the earth, the Grandfathers, Grandmother Moon, the prophecies, the westward migration, the time of the fur trade, treaties and reservations, the time of the Sixth Fire, and the Seventh Generation.

Price: $33.00