Consumption: A Novel, paper ed


Born in the 1950s, Victoria knows nothing but the traditional life of the Inuit until, at age ten, she is sent to a sanitarium to recover from tuberculosis. Six years later, she returns to a radically different world, a stranger to her family and culture. She marries a non-Inuit, Robertson; as their children gravitate toward the pop culture of the mainland, and as her husband exploits the economic opportunities that the Arctic offers, Victoria is torn between her family and her ancestors, between the communal life of the North and the material life of the South.

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As Long As the Rivers Flow: A Novel, paper ed


As Long As the Rivers Flow: A Novel is a novel written by James Bartleman, the former lieutenant-governor of Ontario. He wrote the story to honour the memory of Native youth who have taken their lives as a result of the Indian residential school experiences of their parents and of the parents of their parents before them. The novel follows one girl, Martha, from the Cat Lake First Nation in Northern Ontario who is taken from her family at the age of six and flown far away to residential school.

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Next Sure Thing: Rapid Reads, The, paper ed


The Next Sure Thing is part of the Rapid Reads Series. Rapid Reads are short novels and non-fiction books designed for reluctant or low-literacy teen and adult readers. This 144-page novel is ideal for the male high school student or adult literacy learner who has limited interest in reading. Richard Wagamese's fast-paced plot line and character development keeps the reader wanting to find out what happens next. Cree Thunderboy has talent both as a blues singer/songwriter and as a bettor at the horse races.

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Red Power: A Graphic Novel, paper ed


Red Power: A Graphic Novel by Dakota-Anishinaabe artist and journalist Brian Wright-McLeod. Designed for mature readers this 60-page graphic novel is a fictionalized account of the Navajo land struggle at Big Mountain, Arizona in the 1970s. Peabody Mining was actively seeking the federal government's assistance in relocating the Navajo people from their lands so the mining operations could access natural resources from the territory. The Indigenous People resisted and this story is one interpretation of this resistance through the eyes of the main character Billy Moon.

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Charlie Muskrat: A Novel, paper ed


Charlie Muskrat: A Novel is La Ronge lawyer Harold Johnson's third novel that takes readers on a fabulous road trip from Montreal Lake to Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Trenton, Sudbury, Ottawa, Toronto and a brief border crossing at the American border. Charlie Muskrat is a Cree man dealing with memory loss on his way to hunt a moose for the impending arrival of a visiting relative. In his faithful truck named Thunder meets a host of characters such as Trickster, Wisahkecahk, Greek gods, writers, philosophers and politicians.

Price: $18.95

War Dances, paper ed


War Dances is Sherman Alexie's new collection of short stories, poetry, and question and answer sequences that cover personal victories and challenges. With his satirical wit and humour Alexie's collection is moving and heart-felt. The title story, War Dances, recounts his interaction with his dying father. Other themes include acculturation, cross-cultural issues, family relationships, deafness, and disability. Winner of the 2010 PEN/Faulkner Award.

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News: Postcards from the Four Directions, paper ed


News: Postcards from the Four Directions is an anthology of Ojibwe playwright Drew Hayden Taylor's 2010 work containing 90 essays, columns, editorials, and reflections on Aboriginal peoples in Canada. All offerings contain the writer's trademark satirical twist and are organized into the four cardinal directions: North for contemplation and wisdom; South for journeys both physical and spiritual; East for beginnings and youth; and West for maturity and responsibility.

Price: $24.95

Dead White Writer on the Floor: A Play, paper ed


Dead White Writer on the Floor uses two literary conventions - theatre of the absurd and mystery novels - to create one of the funniest and thought-provoking plays ever about identity politics. In Act One, six 'savages'; noble, innocent, ignorant, fearless, wise and gay, respectively; find themselves in a locked room with the body of a white writer, which they stash in a closet. None of them can figure out how he died or which of them might have killed him.

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Two Trails Narrow, paper ed


Two Trails Narrow: A Novel by Stephen McGregor follows the lives of two Algonquin young men, Ryman McGregor and Abraham Scott, who united as wannabe escapees from the harsh hands of the Jesuit priests at St. Xavier's Residential School outside Spaniards Bay on Lake Ontario. With the help of a kind man and Ryman's sister, they are successful in their escape from the priests and their RCMP trackers. Arriving home on the reserve had its good fortunes but also marked their partition.

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