Perception: A Photo Series, hardcover ed


Perception: A Photo Series, is a collection of 32 thought-provoking black and white images of First Nation, Inuit and Métis men and women living in Winnipeg during 2014.  KC Adams photographed Indigenous people who volunteered to pose for two photographs. One photo captured their honest reactions to thinking about negative stereotypical labels these individuals had encountered. The second portrait captured their joyous reaction when asked to recall an outstanding moment from their past.

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Surviving the City; Vol. 1, paper ed


Surviving the City written by Tasha Spillett, Nehiyaw (Cree) and Trinidadian, with effective illustrations from Metis artist Natasha Donovan brings the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls to intermediate and secondary level readers. This 56-page graphic novel in the Debwe Series from Highwater Press presents the story of two teen girls attending an urban high school in Winnipeg.

Price: $18.95

Fire Starters, paper ed 2017 FNCR


First Starters by first-time graphic novel author Jen Storm published in the Debwe Series by Highwater Press. Illustrated in colour by Scott Henderson, this young adult graphic novel tells a story that stresses the importance of always being truthful. Teens from the Agamiing Reserve and the local town find themselves in serious trouble after a thoughtless prank ends with the reserve's gas bar burned down. After finding an old flare gun in his grandmother's garage, one teen proposes Ron and Ben go to the reserve's dump and shoot the flare gun.

Price: $18.95

Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis and Inuit Issues in Canada, paper ed 2017 FNCR


Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis and Inuit Issues in Canada is designed for all teachers who have First Nations, Inuit or Métis students in their classrooms or are encouraged to infuse Indigenous perspectives into the curriculum. Written by Métis lawyer, scholar and educator Chelsea Vowel, the book tackles terminology; culture and identity; myth-busting; state violence; and land, learning, law and treaties with subtle humour and common sense drawn from 2016 landscape.

Price: $29.00

Blanket of Butterflies: A Graphic Novel, A, paper ed 2017 FNCR


A Blanket of Butterflies explores the journey of Shinobu, a mysterious stranger who visits Fort Smith, NWT, to retrieve his family's samurai suit of armor and sword from the museum. When he discovers that his grandfather's sword has been lost in a poker game to the man they call "Benny the Bank," he sets out to retrieve it, with the help of a young boy, Sonny, and his grandmother. Together, they face Benny and his men, Torchy, Sfen and the giant they call Flinch. This graphic novel, illustrated in a stark contrast of black and white panels by Scott B.

Price: $18.95

Stone Collection: Short Stories, The, paper ed 2017 FNCR


The Stone Collection: Short Stories is the 2015 release of writer Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm's story collection from the Highwater Press Debwe Series. In these fourteen unique stories Akiwenzie-Damm takes on complex and dangerous emotions, exploring the gamut of modern Anishinaabe experience. Through unforgettable characters, these stories, about love and lust, suicide and survival, illness and wholeness, illuminate the strange workings of the human heart.

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Three Feathers: A Graphic Novel, paper ed 2017 FNCR


Three Feathers: A Graphic Novel by Richard Van Camp explores the power and grace of restorative justice in one Northern community and the cultural legacy that can empower future generations. Three young men, Flinch, Bryce, and Rupert, have vandalized their community and are sent by its Elders to live nine months on the land as part of the circle sentencing process. There, the young men learn to take responsibility for their actions and acquire the humility required to return home. But, when they do return, will they be forgiven for what they've done?

Price: $16.95

Gift is in the Making: Anishinaabeg Stories, The, paper ed


The Gift is in the Making: Anishinaabeg Stories is a unique collection of twenty-one traditional Ojibwe stories retold by storyteller, writer, and spoken-word artist Leanne Betasamosake Simpson from Alderville First Nation. Over the years, the author has told these stories first within her own family and then to larger community members. She has added to her knowledge of the oral tradition and legends from community Elders, language teachers, and authentic print resources. Encouraged by Elders she has written these oral stories featuring Nanabush in her own style.

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Manitowapow: Aboriginal Writings from the Land of Water, paper ed


Manitowapow: Aboriginal Writings from the Land of Water is a anthology of storytelling, poetry, speeches and works of non-fiction by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit authors with a connection to Manitoba. Manitowapow is the traditional word for the land that became known as Manitoba. The editors, Niigaanwewidom James Sinclair and Warren Cariou, have selected pieces that extend back into prehistory, the historical period of the fur trade and Northwest Resistance into the present day. The first entry is a brief description of the Traditional Systems of Writing in Manitoba prior to contact.

Price: $35.00