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Kisses, Kisses Baby-O is a board book by author and educator Sheree Fitch. This simple 10-page book features multicultural parents and caregivers laughing and holding their babies.

Sell price: $6.50

Leah's Mustache Party is an exciting picture book from Inhabit Media. Inuk author Nadia Mike is an educator who celebrates the importance of having a fun story told in a diverse book.

Sell price: $16.95

Learn and Play with First Nations and Native Art is an 18-page concept board book from Native Northwest publishers.

Sell price: $10.00

Learn the Alphabet with Northwest Coast Native Art is a 23-page board book from Native Northwest publishers. This unique title offers young children an introduction to the alphabet.

Sell price: $10.00

Learn the Colours with Northwest Coast Art is a 10-page board book made with recycled paper with soy-based ink and water-based coating and is published by Native Northwest publishing.

Sell price: $10.00

Learn to Count with Northwest Coast Art is a 10-page board book from Native Northwest publishers.

Sell price: $10.00

Let’s Count is a bilingual English and Inuktitut board book.

Sell price: $14.95

Little You is a charming and heart-warming board book that welcomes a new baby into a family.

Sell price: $10.95

The Littlest Sled Dog is the recent book by Inuit storyteller Michael Kusugak about the imaginative dreams of a little terrier dog who lives with her mother in a kennel.

Sell price: $10.95

Living Safe, Playing Safe is a children's picture book developed by the Penticton Indian Band Health Department to teach young children about the choices they can make to live healthy.

Sell price: $10.95

Look! is an introductory board book for young children by Star Bright Books.

Sell price: $9.95

Loving Me is a board book from Star Bright Books featuring contemporary Native American families.

Sell price: $7.95

Mama, Do You Love Me? is a children's board book designed to appeal to all children from all cultures. In this story, an Inuit mother and daughter reaffirm their love for one another.

Sell price: $9.99

Many Nations: An Alphabet of Native America by Abenaki children's author Joseph Bruchac is a reprint of his popular children's picture book about the many Native America Nations of North America.

Sell price: $7.99

Maple Moon is a children's picture book that tells a fictionalized story about the origin of maple sugar. The story is set in the past before the coming of the Europeans.

Sell price: $9.95

Marine Mammals is a 16-page board book from Inhabit Media about 8 key Arctic mammals.

Sell price: $10.95