Native American Placenames of the United States, hardcover ed


Native American Placenames of the United States is a 600-page reference book about the Native American origin of 11,000 place names in the United States. Organized as a dictionary, the late author had painstakingly assembled American placenames with American Indian origin. While he noted in the introduction that this is by no means a comprehensive listing, this reference work contains valuable information about the place names derived from Native languages.

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American Indian Education: A History, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available through Historian and educator present a comprehensive survey of the history of American Indian education in the United States from colonial times to contemporary times. They discuss the various policies and philosophies that missionaries, government officials, and legislators attempted in their efforts to Christianize and indoctrinate Native People in the United States. They discuss boarding schools (residential schools), tribal education, day schools, language education, and higher education efforts.

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Battlefield and Classroom: Four Decades with the American Indians, 1867-1904, paper ed


Battlefield and Classroom: Four Decades with the American Indians, 1867-1904 is a reprint of the 1964 publication of the memoirs of the founder of the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. Richard Henry Pratt founded Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania, a boarding school that promoted its policy to "kill the Indian and save the man" through vocational and moral education. From his early military career, Pratt oversaw the Kiowa, Comanche, Cheyenne, and Arapaho men sent to Fort Marion prison in Florida.

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