Scottish Highlanders and Native Americans: Indigenous Education in Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Scottish Highlanders and Native Americans: Indigenous Education in Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World is a historical analysis of the encounter between the Society in Scotland for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge and the Iroquois and Algonquin peoples of the Eastern Woodlands. The author is Professor of History at the University of New Mexico and has written extensively on Native American education. In this study she offers a comparative analysis on the efforts of cultural colonialism in the lives of Highland Scots and of Native Americans.

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Native American Placenames of the United States, paper ed


Native American Placenames of the United States is a 600-page reference book about the Native American origin of 11,000 place names in the United States. Organized as a dictionary, the late author had painstakingly assembled American placenames with American Indian origin. While he noted in the introduction that this is by no means a comprehensive listing, this reference work contains valuable information about the place names derived from Native languages.

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Cherokee Medicine Man: The Life and Work of a Modern-Day Healer, paper ed


Cherokee Medicine Man: The Life and Work of a Modern-Day Healer provides an accessible biography of a contemporary Cherokee healer, John Little Bear. The author indicates that Little Bear is not the healer's real name. Nevertheless, the book provides interviews, short information pieces, and legends provided by this Cherokee spiritual person.

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Northern Cheyenne Album: Photographs by Thomas B. Marquis, A, paper ed


A Northern Cheyenne Album: Photographs by Thomas B Marquis is a remarkable collection of 142 black and white photographs taken between 1922 and 1935 by Thomas Marquis while he served as a doctor at the Northern Cheyenne Reservation at Lame Deer, Montana. The images are portraits of individuals and families as well as images of everyday activities on the reservation. There are no props or studio shots.

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On the Drafting of Tribal Constitutions, hardcover ed


On the Drafting of Tribal Constitutions presents the original work of Felix S. Cohen (1907-1953) edited by David S. Wilkins. The importance of the original memorandum first submitted to the American federal government in 1934 by Cohen is his perspective on the nature of Native American self-government in the USA. As a staff member of the Department of the Interior Cohen was in a unique position for the implementation Indian Reorganization Act in 1934. His views on Indian tribal governance are discussed by Watkins in the introductory essay.

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Seminole Baptist Churches of Oklahoma: Maintaining a Traditional Community, The, hardcover ed


The Seminole Baptist Churches of Oklahoma: Maintaining a Traditional Community is based on the author's four-year fieldwork study in the early 1990s among a Seminole Baptist community in Oklahoma. There he attended formal and informal gatherings such as Prayer Meetings and services. He also interviewed church members and fully participated in church gatherings and meetings. As an anthropologist his work is interested in understanding the social and cultural aspects of religion as these continue to support and maintain Seminole identity as a unique and distinctive Nation.

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Voices from the Delaware Big House Ceremony, hardcover ed


Historical study of the Delaware Big House Ceremony. This edited collection contains diverse perspectives from historical documents and contemporary accounts. There are commentaries by Delaware traditionalists from Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Ontario. The earliest accounts of this sacred ceremony date from 1655 to the most recent Nora Thompson Dean's account of the Eastern Oklahoma Unami Delaware Big House from 1973-1984. Additional contributors include Ruthe Blalock James, Marlene Molly Miller, Michael Pace, and Darryl Stonefish.

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American Indian Nonfiction: An Anthology of Writings, 1760s-1930s, paper ed


American Indian Nonfiction: An Anthology of Writings, 1760s-1930s edited by Bernd C. Peyer includes a selection of political works by Aboriginal writers. Peyer selected authors whose substantial amount of prose writings found its way into publication in the United States. This anthology is divided into two parts. The first part is organized into regional writings. The second part focuses on writings that reflect a national interest and most of the authors were members of the Society of American Indians. All text were unedited except for minor typos in the original.

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Learning to Write Indian: The Boarding-School Experience and American Indian Literature, paper ed


A fascinating study of literature created by Native America authors about the boarding school (residential school) experience. Using student writings from boarding school newspapers, student essays, and autobiographies as well as contemporary plays, novels, and poetry, the author examines the manner in which these American Indian students redefined their identity through these writings. In chapters 3 and 4, the author examines texts by Francis La Flesche, Zitkala-Sa, and Charles Eastman. Chapter 5 discusses the works of contemporary authors Luci Tapahonso, N.

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