American Indian Medicine, paper ed


American Indian Medicine by Virgil J Vogel published by the University of Oklahoma Press in 1970 remains an important source for information about the effect of Native American medicinal practices on the settler society. Impressions and attitudes of early explorers, settlers, physicians, botanists, and others regarding Native American curative practices are reported by geographical regions, with British, French, and Spanish colonies and the young United States separately treated. Methods of treating all kinds of injuries-from fractures to snakebite-and even surgery are included.

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Red Man's Land, White Man's Law, 2nd edition, paper ed


Red Man's Land, White Man's Law is a history of the legal status of the American Indians and their land from the period of first contact with Europeans down to the present day. It begins with the efforts of colonial authorities-Spanish, British, and French-to deal with tribal sovereignty and carries the discussion of U. S. -Indian legal relations through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Mythology of Native North America, The, paper ed


The Mythology of Native North America by English literature professor David Leeming and Jake Page observe that the traditional oral stories of Indigenous Peoples are considered myths. Because most North Americans experience mythology by way of translations of classical texts, and few people are familiar with Coyote, Spider Woman, Water Jar boy, Falling Sky Woman, or the epic of the Blessingway - to name just a few of the stories retold in this collection of significant narratives of Native North America.

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American Indian Intellectuals of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, paper ed


Based on papers delivered at the 1976 meeting of the American Ethnological Society, American Indian Intellectuals of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries offers biographical sketches of major American Indian scholars and historians between 1828 and 1975.

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Indian Gaming: Tribal Sovereignty and American Politics, paper ed


Indian Gaming: Tribal Sovereignty and American Politics examines the conflicts over American Indian tribes' gambling operations, focusing on tribes in New Mexico and Oklahoma. It places recent events in other states-notably California and Minnesota-within the perspective of historic Indian policy, states' rights arguments, and federalism.

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Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto, paper ed


In his new preface to this quality paperback edition, author Vine Deloria observes, "The Indian world has changed so substantially since the first publication of this book that some things contained in it seem new again." Indeed, it seems that each generation of whites and Indians will have to read and reread Vine Deloria's Manifesto for some time to come, before we absorb his special, ironic Indian point of view and what he tells us, with a great deal of humor, about U.S. race relations, federal bureaucracies, Christian churches, and social scientists.

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Indian Oratory: Famous Speeches by Noted Indian Chieftains, paper ed


Indian Oratory: Famous Speeches by Noted Indian Chieftains is a collection of notable speeches by historical leaders of twenty-two Native Nations. This volume published in 1971 added a new resource for those interested in quotable quotes of famous Native American leaders. Little written record of their oratory exists, although leaders made use of public address.

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Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History, paper ed


Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History is volume 174 in The Civilization of the American Indian Series published by the University of Oklahoma Press. The massive undertaking for documenting the history of the Great Lakes region through maps began in 1976 and was successfully completed in 1987. The work expands and clarifies the once limited scholarly understanding of the history of the Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley regions. The editor was assisted by numerous historians, cartographers, graduate students, library and archival staff, and Native historians and scholars.

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Black Elk: Holy Man of the Oglala, paper ed


This biography of Black Elk is based on extensive interviews with Lucy Looks Twice, the holy man's last surviving child, as well as others who knew him personally. Michael F. Steltenkamp sheds new light on the figure portrayed in Black Elk Speaks as a victim of Western subjugation, doomed to live out his life as a relic of the past. Instead, Steltenkamp reveals that in 1904 Black Elk was baptized a Catholic and subsequently served as a devoted catechist and missionary to his fellow American Indians until his death in 1950. Jesuit Father Michael F.

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American Indian Literature: An Anthology, revised ed


American Indian Literature: An Anthology is the revised edition of the introductory collection of Native American writing first issued in 1979. This collection spans the historic and contemporary writing of Native Americans and includes what the editor terms, "literature about Indians written by Indians." Brief overviews precede selections of traditional stories (tales translated into English), songs (translated from specific Native languages into English), memoirs, poetry, and contemporary fiction.

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