Mush-Hole: Memories of a Residential School, paper ed


Mush-Hole: Memories of a Residential School written by Maddie Harper explains her years attending the Mohawk Institute Residential School in Brantford. When she was seven years old Maddie was forced to attend the school until the age of fifteen. She writes with clarity and power as she describes her experiences. She includes a painful episode by physically and psychologically as she received a brutal disciplinary measure by a teacher at the school. Students from grades 6 and up will be moved by this brief 20-page illustrated memoir by activist Maddie Harper.

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Onkwehonwe-Neha: Mohawk Way of Life, paper ed REPRINTING


Onkwehonwe-Neha: Mohawk Way of Life written by Mohawk author Skonaganleh:ra Sylvia Maracle offers senior elementary and secondary school students an opportunity to read about the history of First Nations in Canada as well as the history of Six Nations Iroquois Onkwehonwe in a short 23-page illustrated book. The author takes readers through an understanding of the meaning of the word Onkwehonwe-Neha, explaining that the first part of the word reference the Mohawk name for the people or human beings.

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