Li Saennchur Fleshii di Michif: Thomas and the Metis Sash, paper ed


Li Saennchur Fleshii di Michif: Thomas and the Metis Sash is one of Gabriel Dumont's Michif Children's Series. This bilingual title is written by Bonnie Murray and the Michif translation is by Rita Flamand. When Thomas works on an art project for school his mother tells him about the history of the Metis Sash and what it means to the Metis people today. This 32-page page illustrated book is ideal for students in grades 1 to 4.

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Louis, Son of the Prairies, 4th printing, paper ed


Louis, Son of the Prairies is a publication from Pemmican Publications about the early life of Metis leader, Louis Riel. This fourth printing is the English translation by Elizabeth Maguet of Noelie Palud-Pelletier's 1984 French edition. Told in a fictionalized series of anecdotes, the book attempts to provide students with an account of a Metis child's life in mid-nineteenth century western Canada. Louis Riel's early influences and activities as a Metis child growing up in the St. Boniface Red River Settlement are told in a series of dialogues.

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La Lawng: Michif Peekishkwewin - The Heritage Language of the Canadian Metis, Vol 1, Language Practice, paper ed


La Lawng: Michif Peekishkwewin - The Heritage Language of the Canadian Métis, Vol 1, Language Practice is an easy-to-follow guide to Michif. Rita Flamand and Norman Fleury are the expert guides as they walk you through the basics of the language in this 86-page resource. A recommended resource for anyone learning Michif.

Price: $14.95

Flour Sack Friends, paper ed


Flour Sack Friends is a follow-up children's picture book about a young Metis girl named Flora. Flora and her family live some distance from the nearest general store and village. When Flora hears that the family is planning a shopping expedition to the village Flora excitedly tells her pet frog. Flora hopes that there will be dolls for sale at the general store. She plans to see how the dolls are made and dressed so she can ask her grandmother to sew a new doll for her. When the family arrives at the store, Flora is told the rules about shopping.

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Jen and the Great One, paper ed-limited quantities


Jen and the Great One is a children's picture book with a strong environmental message. Jen is a young child who enjoys playing and sitting beside a giant evergreen tree. She loves the texture of its bark and its Christmas tree smell. If Jen sat very still she could sometimes hear the wind whisper and then the old tree would speak. The remainder of the text is a heavy-handed account of clear cutting as explained by this lone tree. It tells the girl how it began from a seedling, how it grew and its role in the forest.

Price: $10.95

Little Metis and the Metis Sash, paper ed


Little Metis and the Metis Sash is a children's story by Metis author Deborah Delorande. In this story Delorande combines Metis and Saulteaux information in an interesting contemporary story about a young Metis boy and his efforts to help his family. Little Metis is bored and asks his Kookum what he can do for fun. She sends him out to help his father and then the trouble begins. The Wind tags along and Little Metis takes his grandmother's coloured wool skeins as a guide. The trailing wool is gathered by the playful wind and the troubles begin.

Price: $13.95