Memory Serves and Other Essays, paper ed 2017 FNCR


Memory Serves and Other Essays gathers together the 17 oratories and lectures by award-winning author Lee Maracle has delivered and performed over a twenty-year period. Revised for publication, the lectures hold the features and style of oratory intrinsic to the Salish people in general and the Sto: lo in particular. From her Coast Salish perspective and with great eloquence, Maracle shares her knowledge of Sto: lo history, memory, philosophy, globalization, law, spirituality, feminism and the colonial condition of her people.

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Weasel Tail: Stories Told by Joe Crowshoe Sr. (Aapohsoyyiis), a Peigan Blackfoot Elder, paper ed


Weasel Tail: Stories Told by Joe Crowshoe Sr. (Aapohsoyyiis), a Peigan Blackfoot Elder is written by the late Joseph Crowshoe Sr and edited by Michael Ross. The collection is based on a series of audio interviews recorded between 1991 and 1998; one year prior to Crowshoe's passing. He is the renowned Peigan Elder recognized as the knowledge keeper for Blackfoot cultural history and traditions. In addition this collection includes conversation between Joe Crowshoe and his wife, Josephine Crowshoe about their childhood spent in residential schools.

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Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta's Native Elders, paper ed


Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta's Native Elders is a collection of 31 brief biographical sketches written by Dianne Meili a former Windspeaker editor. The Elders represent the Cree, Dene Tha', Stoney, Chipewyan, Siksika (Blackfoot), Kainai (Blood- Blackfoot), Beaver, Sarcee, and Pekuni (North Peigan) First Nations. The author collected the stories over an eighteen-month period as she travelled throughout Alberta. The importance of Elders in First Nations cultures is acknowledged; they carry wisdom and their lives exemplify the finest qualities.

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Yamoria the Lawmaker: Stories of the Dene


Yamoria the Lawmaker: Stories of the Dene is the work of Dene elder George Blondin. Born in 1923, the author has worked at various jobs and has participated in political organizations of the Northwest Territories. Recently he has turned his attention to journalism. Over the years, he has gathered Dene stories about creation, spirituality, medicine, history and culture. One of the most important aspects of Dene culture is medicine power and most of the stories in this book reflect its significance.

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Writing the Circle: Native Women of Western Canada UNAVAILABLE


Writing the Circle – Native Women of Western Canada is an anthology of writing by Metis and First Nations women from the western provinces of Canada. First published in 1990, this reprint retains its power and relevancy. The editors have compiled works by 52 writers who range from teenagers to grandmothers. The collection was intended to be inclusive and the works range from poetry, short story, essay, autobiographical sketch, to journal entry. The writers represent Native women from reserves and cities, from a variety of cultures.

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Buried in the Silence UNAVAILABLE


Buried in the Silence is the account of the 1991 murder of Leo LaChance, a Cree man from the Big River Reserve, who was shot by a White supremacist in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Newspaper journalist Connie Sampson covered the LaChance case from the beginning to the 1993 inquiry into the killing of Leo LaChance. The book begins with an account of the shooting that occurred in a Prince Albert gun shop owned by the White supremacist Carney Nerland.

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