Come Look With Me: American Indian Art, hardcover ed


Come Look With Me: American Indian Art is one of the titles in Lickle Publishing's Come Look With Me Series of art appreciation books. The book's author selected 12 Native American historic objects made from a variety of media. The colour photograph of each object occupies a full page and on the opposing page there are a series of questions inviting students to examine the work. Included are brief paragraphs about the cultural and historical context of each art piece and its creator.

Price: $16.95

Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle, The, hardcover ed


The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle is a fascinating approach to cultural appropriation in a children's picture book. Developed by Gay Matthaei and Jewel Grutman with the drawings of Adam Cvijanovic, the team recreates a ledgerbook purportedly drawn by former Carlisle Boarding School student, Thomas Blue Eagle. This fictional character is said to be Lakota Sioux who is sent to the Carlisle School to learn the ways of the white man. This ledgerbook shows the thoughts, feelings, and drawings of Thomas Blue Eagle as he remembers his former family life.

Price: $25.95