Black Skin, White Masks, paper ed


Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon (1925-1961) had a profound impact on the black identity and critical race theory. Fanon’s masterwork is now available in a new translation (2008) that updates its language for a new generation of readers. Translated from the French by Richard Philcox, Black Skin, White Masks continues its influence on civil rights, anticolonial, and black consciousness movements internationally.

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Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories, hardcover ed


Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories is a collection of thirty-one new and selected short stories by Spokane/Coeur d'Alene author Sherman Alexie. A bold and irreverent observer of life among Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, the daring, versatile, funny, and outrageous Alexie showcases all his talents in his newest collection, Blasphemy, where he unites fifteen beloved classics with fifteen new stories in one sweeping anthology for devoted fans and first-time readers.

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War Dances, paper ed


War Dances is Sherman Alexie's new collection of short stories, poetry, and question and answer sequences that cover personal victories and challenges. With his satirical wit and humour Alexie's collection is moving and heart-felt. The title story, War Dances, recounts his interaction with his dying father. Other themes include acculturation, cross-cultural issues, family relationships, deafness, and disability. Winner of the 2010 PEN/Faulkner Award.

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Indian Killer, paper ed


Indian Killer is a mystery novel written by Spokane/Coeur d'Alene author Sherman Alexie. As the title indicates there is a serial killer on the loose on the streets of Seattle. And there are vigilantes out to pick off the skid-row Native Americans who live on the streets. The reader is never sure if the main character, John Smith, is in fact the serial killer. Smith was a Native American infant adopted at birth by a loving Anglo American couple. As an adult Smith finds he is lost and unwelcome in both Native American and Anglo communities.

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Toughest Indian in the World: Stories, The paper ed


The Toughest Indian in the World: Stories is a collection of nine short stories by the award-winning Coeur d'Alene writer Sherman Alexie. The stories include: Assimilation, The Toughest Indian in the World, Class, South By Southwest, The Sin Eaters, Indian Country, Saint Junior, Dear John Wayne, and One Good Man. Alexie writes with his usual talent for creating memorable contemporary Native American characters whose lives provide challenges and successes despite the racism and hostility of modern America. Many of the stories involve middle-class Native Americans who live in urban areas.

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Reservation Blues, paper ed


Reservation Blues is the first novel by Spokane/Coeur d'Alene writer Sherman Alexie. By blending humourous irony with detailed characterizations Alexie weaves a fascinating narrative about the return of the legendary Blues musician Robert Johnson to the Spokane rez. Haunted by his pact with the devil, Johnson catches a lift from a van driver on the rez and mysteriously leaves behind his guitar. This guitar becomes the catalyst for a group of friends to start their careers as a blues band.

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Ten Little Indians: Stories, paper ed


Ten Little Indians: Stories is a collection of nine short stories by the acclaimed Spokane writer Sherman Alexie. Even as they often make readers laugh, Sherman Alexie's stories are driven by a haunting lyricism and naked candor that cut to the heart of the human experience. The stories include: The search engine; Lawyer's league; Can I get a witness?; Do not go gentle; Flight patterns; The life and times of Estelle Walks Above; Do you know where I am?; What you pawn I will redeem; and What ever happened to Frank Snake Church?

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Wretched of the Earth, The, paper ed


The Wretched of the Earth is one of the most significant writings on revolution, colonialism, and Indigenous Peoples. Frantz Fanon (1925-1961) was born in Martinique and studied psychiatry in France. This edition of The Wretched of the Earth is a new translation from the French by Richard Philcox and contains a foreword by Homi K. Bhabha and a preface by Jean-Paul Sartre. The Wretched of the Earth was first published in 1961 as Damnes de la terre.

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Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, The, paper ed


The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is a revised edition of Sherman Alexie's short story collection first released in 1993. In this darkly comic collection of interlocked stories, Alexie brilliantly weaves memory, fantasy, and stark realism to paint a complex, grimly ironic portrait of life in and around the Spokane Indian Reservation. This new edition features 24 short stories, an introduction and questions for discussion. Reading Level: 7.9; Lexile Measure: 830.

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