Buffalo Nation: American Indian Efforts to Restore the Bison, paper ed


Buffalo Nation: American Indian Efforts to Restore the Bison is a new title from the University of Nebraska Press. History scholar Ken Zontek writes with clarity about the history of the bison in North America and its relationship to the environment and Native Americans. He covers the history of the animal from the distant past to the present and discusses the various views of scholars who have opinions and theories about the decline of this important animal. Chapters outline the various methods Native Americans employ to restore this valuable animal to its traditional homeland.

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Seekers and Storytellers: Aboriginal Role Models Share Their Career Journeys OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available Alberta Human Resources and Employment's publication to encourage Aboriginal youth to strive for an education by providing a resource promoting Aboriginal role models with careers in a broad cross-section of industries. Brief one-page articles about Aboriginal men and women from a variety of First Nations and Metis Settlements are profiled in this guide for youth looking for a career. Black and white portraits accompany each of the role models.

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Lewis and Clark: Through Indian Eyes, hardcover ed


Lewis and Clark: Through Indian Eyes is a collection of nine essays collected by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. This unique collection consists of essays by Native historians, authors, professors and tribal executives who offer highly personal and reflective perspectives on this much-celebrated in America. They bring a first-hand account of the overwhelming effects of this standard American history phenomenon on their tribal community. Contributors include the late Vine Deloria, N.

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Indian Peoples of Eastern America: A Documentary History of the Sexes, The, paper ed


Using the human life cycle as an organizational framework, ethnohistorian James Axtell has gathered a broad range of 17th and 18th century European documentation on Native North Americans. With its lucid introductions to each entry, suggestions for further reading, and bibliography, this sourcebook is invaluable for courses in history, anthropology, and Native American and women's studies.

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Native American Games and Stories, paper ed


Native American Games and Stories by James and Joseph Bruchac offer elementary teachers and students an opportunity to appreciate and learn to respect First Nations traditional games and activities. The pair introduces the idea of sport and games as they relate to First Nations in the introductory chapter. The authors explain everyone is part of the team in Native American sports and these sports offer opportunities to create awareness, develop skills, and experience luck.

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Sir Cumference and the Viking's Map


Xaxon Yellowbeard was the fiercest Viking warrior of his time. Now a map to his hidden treasure lies in Radius and Per's hands. Together the cousins must decode the strange numbered grid on the map|and figure out the secret of the Viking's X and Y axes. Full color.
Cousins Radius and Per must decode a numbered grid on a map to figure out the secret of the Viking's X and Y axes.

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