Archaeology of Bruce Trigger: Theoretical Empiricism, The, paper ed


The Archaeology of Bruce Trigger: Theoretical Empiricism is a collection of 16 essays that discuss the life and work of archaeologist Bruce Trigger. His theoretical approach has influenced the field of archaeology and his work on the Northeastern cultures of North America remains important contributions. Contributors include Michael Bisson, Stephen Chrisomalis, Jerimy J.

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Wrapped in the Colours of the Earth: Cultural Heritage of the First Nations, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


Wrapped in the Colours of the Earth: Cultural Heritage of the First Nations celebrates the cultural traditions of the Inuit, Mi'kmaq and the Iroquois. This catalogue was produced to accompany three exhibits at the McCord Museum in Montreal in 1992. The artifacts from the museum's collection were organized into three sections. They each focused on the cultural traditions of Northeastern First Nations. In the Iroquoian section two essays describe the Dawson archaeological site at Hochelaga and the Iroquoians of the St. Lawrence Valley.

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Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: A Selection, The, reprint


The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: A Selection is a reprint of the 1963 original publication. This edition contains selected documents drawn from the Reuben Thwaites collection of volumes of the Jesuit Relations. Mealing selected documents that illustrated the Jesuits and their mission to the Huron (Wendat) Nation as well as their influence and role in the French expansion into North America.

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Decentring the Renaissance: Canada and Europe in Multidisciplinary Perspective, 1500-1700, paper ed


Collection of 18 scholarly essays presented in 1996 at a conference at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto. One of the most significant papers is the one delivered by the late Deborah Doxtator. Her paper, Inclusive and Exclusive Perceptions of Difference: Native and Euro-Based Concepts of Time, History, and Change, makes the argument that Indigenous views of history can be important in the creation of the history of Canada at the time of the Renaissance. Other papers include the work of Olive P.

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Rethinking Michigan Indian History, paper ed


Rethinking Michigan Indian History is a new teacher resource that provides lesson ideas for challenging current understandings of Ojibwe, Odawa, Potawatomi and Wendat of Michigan. With resources ideal for grade four to high school and beyond, this teacher guide tackles common stereotypes, treaties, heroes, and the role of maps in understanding history. Divided into four sections, the book looks at common stereotypes of Native Americans and First Nations found in sports mascots, advertising, and visual images found in any classroom.

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Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade: The Three Thought Worlds of the Iroquois and the Huron, 1609-1650, The, paper ed Limited Quantity


Limited Quantity This title is not always stocked, please allow additional time for shipping. The Renewed, the Destroyed, and the Remade: The Three Thought Worlds of the Iroquois and the Huron, 1609-1650 examines the changing worldviews of the Huron and the Iroquois in the first half of the seventeenth century, during a period of increasing European contact.

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Sister to the Wolf, paper ed


Historical fiction novel set in the Quebec and Detroit regions in the early 1700s. A young Pawnee slave is purchased by French-Canadian girl and given his freedom. Their lives are intertwined during this period of the fur trade and political intrigue among the French and First Nations. Themes of racism, class structure, family, and first love are well portrayed in this adventure narrative that draws on historical events and features a strong and well-drawn female heroine.

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For An Amerindian Autohistory, paper ed


For An Amerindian Autohistory is a book by Wendat scholar Georges Sioui who presents a First Nation perspective for the study of Indigenous history. He argues that these guidelines must be respected if the self-image and social ethics of First Nations are to be understood and preserved and shows that they provide a way to greatly improve the way Indigenous people and more recent immigrants to the Americas perceive each other. Sioui has produced a work not only of metahistory but of moral reflections.

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