Peace, Power, Righteousness: an indigenous manifesto, 2nd edition, paper ed


In Peace, Power, Righteousness: an indigenous manifesto, Mohawk scholar Taiaiake Alfred presents a strong, well-reasoned argument for First Nations communities to return to their traditional political values in order to achieve true self-determination through the power of reason. Alfred draws on the traditional teachings of The Great Law of Peace for his inspiration. He maintains that only when Aboriginal communities are grounded in their traditional values of consensus-based government will they succeed in healing the divisions.

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Sing, Like a Hermit Thrush UNAVAILABLE


Sing, Like a Hermit Thrush is a contemporary young adult novel that features thirteen-year-old Darrin Captain, a Mohawk youth whose mysterious dream launches an adventure in self-realization. Set on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, the author introduces characters whose family relationships and cultural heritage are foremost. The story involves Darrin and his attempt to solve the mystery of his dream. During his efforts, he learns about traditional Native storytelling, relationships and understands that it is okay to be different.

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