Along the Hudson and Mohawk: The 1790 Journey of Count Paolo Andreani, hardcover ed


 English translation of the account of a journey undertaken in September of 1790 by Count Paolo Andreani of Milan as he travelled through Iroquoian lands along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. He recounts his observations of the lifestyle of the Iroquois, Shakers, and German, Dutch, and English New Yorkers during this trip. He pays particular attention to the Oneida and Onondaga Nations and describes an Oneida lacrosse game and the lacrosse sticks used.

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Iroquoia: The Development of a Native World, paper ed


Iroquoia: The Development of a Native World recounts of the cultural history of the Five Nations Iroquois from an archaeological perspective. William Engelbrecht, an anthropology professor at Buffalo State College, synthesizes years of archaeological research on the Five Nations Iroquois (Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca) into a highly readable account of the origin, development, and changing lifestyle prior to European contact of the people known as the People of the Longhouse. The author begins with a look at the chronological development of the group known now as Iroquois.

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Iroquois Indians, The (Native Peoples), paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


The Iroquois Indians is one of the titles in Bridgestone Books series, Native Peoples, especially written for elementary students. This title is authored by Bill Lund who consulted with Judy Harris at the Woodland Cultural Centre Museum. Her expertise and knowledge of Six Nations Iroquois history and culture is evident throughout this title. All titles in the series follow a similar format with 8 sections that cover the home, food and clothing; the family; religious (spiritual) life; the League of Nations; Iroquois and Settlers; Wampum; and an excerpt from the Creation Story.

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Divided Ground: Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution, The, hardcover ed


Description will be updated soon. History professor at the University of California tackles the complex history of the Six Nations during the times of the American Revolution. By focusing on two larger than life characters, Joseph Brant and Samuel Kirkland, the historian tracks the methods each employed to sway the Nations to join either the British or the Americans. This author examines the divided border between the Grand River and New York State Iroquois.

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Ambiguous Iroquois Empire: The Covenant Chain Confederation of the Indian Tribes with English Colonies, The OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT The Ambiguous Iroquois Empire: The Covenant Chain Confederation of the Indian Tribes with English Colonies is Francis Jennings's second volume of his trilogy about Indian-white relations in America. In this volume he looks at the Parkman view of the Iroquois Confederacy as an empire and exposes the shortcomings of Parkman's perspective. Jennings describes the idea of the covenant chain as the binding relationship between the Iroquois and English colonies from their beginnings to the Treaty of Lancaster in 1744.

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Keeping the Circle: American Indian Identity in Eastern North Carolina, 1885-2004, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Examination of the history and political efforts of the Tuscarora, the Lumbee, the Waccamaw Sioux, the Occaneechi, the Meherrin, the Haliwa-Saponi, and the Coharie of North Carolina as they work to achieve recognition of their Native identity.

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Staking Land Claims, paper ed


Staking Land Claims is the catalogue of the art exhibition held at the Walter Phillips Art Gallery in February 1997. Curated by Patricia Deadman, the exhibition focuses on the work of four Indiginous artists: Kelly Greene, Anne Walk, Michael Belmore and Mary Anne Barkhouse. These four Aboriginal artists explore First Nations and their relationships to the land and environment. Their installations explore each artist's personal connection to the land and their responses to identity, traditions and memory.

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Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes: A Four Directional Perspective on Human and Non-Human Values, Cultures and Relationships on Turtle Island, paper ed


Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes: A Four Directional Perspective on Human and Non-Human Values, Cultures and Relationships on Turtle Island is a guide by Mohawk professor Brian Rice designed for beginners seeking to understand Aboriginal worldview and spirituality. Rice developed this manual through a process while teaching Aboriginal spirituality and worldview in the Department of Native Studies at the University of Sudbury. He draws on teachings provided by two influential Elders: Art Solomon and Chief Jacob Thomas.

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Chainbreaker: The Revolutionary Memoirs of Governor Blacksnake as Told to Benjamin Williams, reprint


Thomas Abler's groundbreaking publication of the memoirs of Governor Blacksnake is reissued in this American Indian Lives series from the University of Nebraska Press. Abler's original work, first issued in 1989, is updated with a new preface by the anthropologist. Abler's continuing work on the Iroquois and Seneca has provided him with new conclusions about Governor Blacksnake. This Seneca diplomatic leader and warrior fought on the side of the British during the American Revolution. He promoted peace among the New York Iroquois during the War of 1812.

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Iroquois Corn In a Culture-Based Curriculum: A Framework for Respectfully Teaching about Cultures, paper ed POD


PRINT ON DEMAND  Oneida scholar Carol Cornelius offers a new culture-based framework that provides a way to research and develop curricula based on respect of the diverse cultures of this nation. Using the Haudenosaunee culture as an example, Cornelius examines the source and reasons for the prevailing stereotypes about American Indians and explains how those stereotypes became the standard curriculum taught in America.

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