Suquamish Coloring Book: Legend of the Basket Ogress


Suquamish Coloring Book: Legend of the Basket Ogress is much more than a colouring book. The author, Peg Deam, is a Suquamish Tribal member of the Port Madison Reservation, Washington. The introductory notes explain that despite attending a US government boarding school she has retained her Salish cultural heritage. Her reservation is located in the Puget Sound where members of her community retain their language. The 30-page book retells a traditional Suquamish legend in English with coloring book illustrations and Puget Salish language translations.

Price: $6.20

How Can One Sell the Air? Chief Seattle's Vision, rev. ed, paper ed


How Can One Sell the Air? Chief Seattle's Vision is Chief Seattle's (1790-1866) impassioned plea to respect "the Sacred Web of Life". This speech has become an inspiration to many especially the environmental movement. But what exactly did Seattle say in this famous speech? Research lead authors to the version the Suquamish Elders include in their oral tradition, published here with two popular twentieth century adaptations. Dr. Henry Smith's version of the speech is included, along with background information for the speech.

Price: $13.95

World of Chief Seattle, The: How Can One Sell the Air?, paper ed


Chronicles the life of Chief Seattle (1790-1866) and discusses how this leader tried to prevent the United States government's attempts to force his people of Washington's Puget Sound to live on reservations. This Squamish leader is best known for his work on the environment and activist for his Nation.

Price: $19.55