Brittney Diana: Getting Ready to Dive Series OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher. Brittney Diana: Getting Ready to Dive Series Primer was developed by Diane Silvey, a Salish teacher, for First Nations Education Division of the Greater Victoria School District, British Columbia. The materials are aimed at grade one students or young children who have difficulty beginning to read. This resource uses a direct instruction approach and teaches for mastery before starting each unit. The first 45 basic sight words are introduced and receive reinforcement throughout the three-month program.

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L’íl’wata DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


L’íl’wata DVD is Alanis Obomsawin's 1975 film re-mastered and re-released on DVD from the National Film Board. In her early film career, Alanis Obomsawin visited the people of the L’íl’wata First Nation and provided them with an opportunity to record their personal narratives about their culture, history, education, and the impact of residential schools. This Interior Salish community presents their version of history in this 55-minute DVD. The package includes an information booklet about the history of the First Nation's introduction to filmmaking.

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Indigenous Plant Diva DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


Indigenous Plant Diva DVD is a nine minute NFB documentary written and directed by Kamala Todd. Set in the downtown section of Vancouver, Cease Wyss, a Squamish herbalist is showing her daughter the healing powere of common plants. This NFB Home Use Only DVD from is only available for sale in Canada. For USA orders contact [email protected] or phone: 1-800-542-2164

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Reclaiming Our Children DVD (Public Performance Use)


Reclaiming Our Children, written and created by the Aboriginal Peoples Family Accord in British Columbia, is 24-minute documentary DVD explores the truth about First Nations children in care and suggests new ways of seeing the difficulties that we face. About 45% of the children in care are First Nations - why is this and what are we doing about it? A tremendous amount of positive energy has been generated around this issue as we are really talking about the future generations and the importance of working together to make sure children have better lives.

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Making Treaties DVD (Public Performance Use)


Making Treaties DVD, produced by First Nations Films and broadcast on Global TV, is a 44-minute documentary that describes the historical background and current discussions surrounding the land rights and treaty issues in British Columbia. Filmmaker Richard Hersley takes the viewer on a journey of understanding surrounding the current issue of treaties and First Nations of B.C. The views of university professors (Paul Tennant), lawyers (John Burrows), local and provincial politicians, resource developers, and First Nations leaders are heard in honest dialogue.

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Totem: Return and Renewal (Home DVD Use Only)


Totem: Return and Renewal DVD, directed by filmmaker Gil Cardinal, concludes the story of the G'psgolox Pole. This DVD concludes the powerful story of the Haisla and their efforts to repatriate a totem pole from Folkens Museum Ethnografiska, Sweden. In this 23-minute film, the viewer is taken on the emotional road of the return of this important cultural treasure to the Haisla Nation. The pole is repatriated after 77 years of spending time in the Swedish Museum. This is a remarkable event as this pole's technical ownership is handed back to the community.

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Writing the Land (Home DVD Use Only)


Writing the Land DVD is a documentary short written and directed by Cree filmmaker Kevin Lee Burton. This 8-minute DVD shows the remarkable story of Musqueam Elder Larry Grant as he regains his traditional language in the heart of Vancouver. The film is in English and Hunkamenum. This NFB Home Use Only DVD from is only available for sale in Canada. For USA orders contact [email protected] or phone: 1-800-542-2164

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Spirit Doctors (Home DVD Use Only)


Spirit Doctors is a DVD by first-time documentary filmmaker with the National Film Board, Marie Burke. She wrote and directed this personal exploration of First Nations healing practices. She chose to work with Okanagan Elders and healers, Mary and Ed Louie. Issues surrounding appropriation and the ethics of recording sacred healing ceremonies are at the heart of this film. Mary and Ed Louie welcome the filmmaker and her crew to their Okanagan home.

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Washing of Tears, The (Home DVD Use Only)


The Washing of Tears is a powerful documentary about the impact of industrialization of Native culture and the triumphant cultural renewal in one British Columbia First Nation. The loss of a cultural shrine, the Whaler's Shrine, from the Mowachaht of Friendly Cove in 1903 symbolized their decline as a people and culture. The artifact became part of the museum collection of the New York Museum of Natural History. By the 1970s only one family lived in the traditional Nuuchahnulth homeland while all community members moved to Vancouver Island.

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