Totem Poles and Railroads, paped ed 2017 FNCR


Totem Poles and Railroads 2017 FNCR succinctly defines the 500-year-old relationship between Indigenous nations and the corporation of Canada. In this, her fifth poetry collection, Janet Rogers expands on that definition with a playful, culturally powerful and, at times, experimental voice. She pays honour to her poetic characters - real and imagined, historical and present day - from Sacajawea to Nina Simone.

Price: $18.95

Corvus, paper ed (2017 FNCR)


Corvus is an adult novel by Saskatchewan writer Harold Johnson. Corvus is on the First Nation Communities Read longlist for 2017. Eighty years have passed since flash floods, droughts, and tornadoes have ravaged the North American landscape and mass migrations to the north have led to decade-long wars. In the thriving city of La Ronge, George Taylor and Lenore Hanson are lawyers who rarely interact with members of the lower classes from the impoverished suburb of Regis and the independently thriving Ashram outside the city.

Price: $19.95

Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, volume 2, paper ed


Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, volume 2 is the 2017 anthology of 15 First Nations and Native American storytellers and graphic artists involved in creating graphic novels.  Volume 2 centers around present-day indigenous spirituality and tradition. Each of the 15 short stories included in this volume is based on a tradition from the author’s own First Nation or community.  These stories highlight present-day traditions, and diversity, in Indigenous peoples today.

Price: $19.99

Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island, paper edavail July 2017


Read, Listen, Tell: Indigenous Stories from Turtle Island is a critical reader of Indigenous literatures that features contributions from authors from across Turtle Island (North America). The book explores core concepts at the heart of Indigenous literary criticism, such as the relations between land, language, and community; the variety of narrative forms in Indigenous stories; and the continuities between oral and written forms of expression.

Price: $38.99

Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights, paper ed


Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights: In Defence of Indigenous Struggles provides much needed conceptual and historical analysis of Aboriginal and treaty rights in Canada, and offers concrete suggestions to transform the current policy paradigm into one that supports and invigorates Indigenous cultures in a contemporary context. Aboriginal rights do not belong to the broader category of universal human rights because they are grounded in the particular practices of Aboriginal people.

Price: $19.95

Listening to the Beat of Our Drum: Indigenous Parenting in Contemporary Society, paper ed


Listening to the Beat of Our Drum: Stories of Parenting in a Contemporary Society is a collection of stories, inspired by a wealth of experiences across space and time from a kokum, an auntie, two-spirit parents, a Metis mother, a Tlinglit/Anishnabe Metis mother and an allied feminist mother. This book is born our of the need to share experiences and stories. Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of passing on teachings and values that we have in our Indigenous communities.

Price: $29.95

Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors, A National History EPUB


Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors, A National History EPUB honours the survivors, the former students, who attended residential schools. Designed for the general reader this accessible, history offers a first-person perspective of the residential school system in Canada, as it shares the memories of more than 70 survivors from across Canada as well as 125 archival and contemporary images (65 black & white photographs, 51 colour, some never before published).

Price: $29.95

Dolphin SOS, hardcover ed


Based on true events in 2009, Dolphin SOS recounts the story of three dolphins trapped in an ice-covered cove on the coast of Newfoundland. Winner of the 2015 Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize. Cree/Métis artist Julie Flett combines with the authors to create an outstanding picture book about assisting wildlife from a young child's perspective.

Price: $17.95

National Crime: The Canadian Government and the Residential School System, 1879-1986, A, paper ed reissued Mar 2017


A National Crime: The Canadian Government and the Residential School System, 1879-1986 is the 2017 reissue of University of Manitoba Press's groundbreaking history of the residential schools that exposed details of the system that sought to "civilize" and Christianize thousands of Indigenous children. Almost 20 years ago A National Crime by historian John S. Milloy's outstanding history was released.

Price: $26.95