False Traitor: Louis Riel in Canadian Culture, The, paper ed


The nineteenth-century Métis politician and mystic Louis Riel has emerged as one of the most popular - and elusive - figures in Canadian culture. Since his hanging for treason in 1885, the self-declared David of the New World has been depicted variously as a traitor to Confederation; a French-Canadian and Catholic martyr; a bloodthirsty rebel; a pan-American liberator; a pawn of shadowy white forces; a Prairie political maverick; a First Nations hero; an alienated intellectual; a victim of Western industrial progress; and a Father of Confederation.

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Growth of the First Metis Nation and the Role of the Aboriginal Women in the Fur Trade


Growth of the First Metis Nation and the Role of the Aboriginal Women in the Fur Trade contains 16 lessons at the grade 10 level. First Nations Education Division of the Greater Victoria School Division, British Columbia, developed this resource guide for teachers. The guide explores the development of the Metis people by beginning with the precontact trade system. The next focus is the development of the fur trade and the way marriage customs emerged. Descriptions of Metis cultural identity and lifestyle are presented.

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Stories of the Road Allowance People OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT Stories of the Road Allowance People is an important contribution to Metis history and oral tradition from the acclaimed Metis writer Maria Campbell. In this unique collection, Maria Campbell has translated eight stories from her elders and presents them in their true oral form. The humour and warmth of these stories are clearly heard in the dialect and rhythm of the storytellers of a past generation. Her respect for the elders and their Michif language is apparent in this important book that contributes to the study and teaching of Native literature in Canada.

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April Raintree, revised ed


April Raintree is the 2016 revised edition of In Search of April Raintree, adapted for use in high school. The tragic story of two Metis sisters caught in the foster home system makes compelling reading. The author explores the search for identity, racism, treatment of Native children and violence in this powerful novel revised especially for use in high school. This new edition has a foreword by Senator Murray Sinclair. Reading Level: 8.1; Lexile Measure: 750.

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In Search of April Raintree - Critical Edition, paper ed


In Search of April Raintree is the story of two Métis sisters growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After the girls are removed from their family, they are sent to separate foster homes. Métis writer Beatrice Culleton Mosionier recounts their struggle with loss, violence, racism, and search for identity in this moving narrative. This novel has become an important text in recent Canadian literature. This new critical edition includes the complete text of the novel and ten original essays.

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Language of Our Own, A : The Genesis of Michif, the Mixed Cree-French Language of the Canadian Metis OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher A Language of Our Own: The Genesis of Michif, the Mixed Cree-French Language of the Canadian Metis is a groundbreaking linguistic study of a truly unique language. Michif is spoken by descendants of French Canadian fur traders and the Cree and Ojibwe of western Canada and the northern United States. Michif uses French for nouns and Cree for verbs making it an "impossible language" with two sets of grammatical rules. Bakker uses historical research and fieldwork data to present the first detailed analysis of Michif.

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