Godless But Loyal In Heaven: Short Stories, paper ed


In Richard Van Camp’s fictionalized north anything can happen and yet each story is rooted in a vivid contemporary reality. The stories offer a potent mix tape of tropes from science fiction (zombie fiction), horror, Western and Aboriginal traditions. The title story pits Torchy against the Smith Squad, fighting for love and family in a bloody, cathartic, and ultimately hopeful narrative. Van Camp’s characters repeatedly confront the bleakness of sexual assault, substance addiction and violence with the joy and humour of inspired storytelling.

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Le Caribou, Nourriture de Notre Âme (The Caribou Feed Our Soul), hardcover ed


Le Caribou, Nourriture de Notre Âme is the French edition of The Caribou Feed Our Soul. It is one of the titles in Fifth House Publishing's The Land Is Our Storybook series.  This Denésôliné (Chipewyan) title is designed to highlight one of the official Aboriginal language groups in the Northwest Territories.  The book presents information about the people and community of Łutsël K’é, Northwest Territories.  Pete Enzoe is a hunter, trapper, and fisher who views his role as a protector of the caribou.  He takes readers on a respectful caribou harvest.

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Smelly Socks: Tell Me A Story Kit (book & CD)


Smelly Socks: Tell Me A Story Kit contains a 32-page picture book by Robert Munsch; a 6-minute CD of the story read by Robert Munsch in plastic carrying bag. Smelly Socks by children's author Robert Munsch is a wonderful story that takes its inspiration from a Dene girl named Tina who lived in Hay River, Northwest Territories. On one of Munsch's storytelling events in Canada's North during the 1980s he met a young girl named Tina Fabian. Since the audience for this reading was small, Munsch created individualized stories for each child present.

Price: $15.99

First Nations Language Lessons Network Version: Dene PC


First Nations Language Lessons: Dene Network Version is an interactive language resource designed for the beginner level by OBI Systems of Saskatchewan. This Network Version containing the Dene M, N, K, and S dialects is designed for 20 users. It includes a database management system that allows the teacher to evaluate each student's progress.

Price: $4,500.00

Flight from Darkness DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


Flight from Darkness is a co-production of Eleventh Hour Pictures and the National Film Board of Canada. This remarkable documentary follows the everyday life of Dene mathematician Percy Paul and his continuing challenge of living with bipolar disorder. Paul grew up in a small Dene community in northern Saskatchewan and started school when he was three. His academic achievements took him to Princeton where he worked on string theory, quantum field theory and black holes. In addition he excelled at sports and won his distance running events at the Indigenous Games.

Price: $25.00