First Nations Language Lessons Network Version: Dene PC


First Nations Language Lessons: Dene Network Version is an interactive language resource designed for the beginner level by OBI Systems of Saskatchewan. This Network Version containing the Dene M, N, K, and S dialects is designed for 20 users. It includes a database management system that allows the teacher to evaluate each student's progress.

Price: $4,500.00

Flight from Darkness DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


Flight from Darkness is a co-production of Eleventh Hour Pictures and the National Film Board of Canada. This remarkable documentary follows the everyday life of Dene mathematician Percy Paul and his continuing challenge of living with bipolar disorder. Paul grew up in a small Dene community in northern Saskatchewan and started school when he was three. His academic achievements took him to Princeton where he worked on string theory, quantum field theory and black holes. In addition he excelled at sports and won his distance running events at the Indigenous Games.

Price: $25.00

Subarctic Peoples (First Nations of North America), paper ed


Subarctic Peoples is one of the information books in the Heinemann Library series, First Nations of North America. Books in the series offer information to grade four to six students about the cultural history of the major cultural regions of North America. This title discusses the Subarctic culture region of northern Canada and Alaska that includes the Algonquin, the Cree, the Innu, the Ojibwe, and Athabaskan people of Alaska.

Price: $12.95

Viens Avec Moi: Nous Apprendrons Ensemble!, (Come and Learn with Me, Ewo she kedidih), hardcover ed


Viens Avec Moi: Nous Apprendrons Ensemble! Is the French language edition of Come and Learn with Me, Ewo she kedidih, fourth title in the series, The Land is Our Storybook. This title is told in first-person by nine-year-old Sheyenne Jumbo who lives in Sambaa K'e also known as Trout Lake in the Northwest Territories. Sheyenne Jumbo and her extended family live in the Dehcho region of the Dene. The family speaks the Dehcho language and Sheyenne is learning the Dene Yatie language from her grandparents and in language class at the local school.

Price: $19.95

Manitowapow: Aboriginal Writings from the Land of Water, paper ed


Manitowapow: Aboriginal Writings from the Land of Water is a anthology of storytelling, poetry, speeches and works of non-fiction by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit authors with a connection to Manitoba. Manitowapow is the traditional word for the land that became known as Manitoba. The editors, Niigaanwewidom James Sinclair and Warren Cariou, have selected pieces that extend back into prehistory, the historical period of the fur trade and Northwest Resistance into the present day. The first entry is a brief description of the Traditional Systems of Writing in Manitoba prior to contact.

Price: $35.00

At the Heart of It: Dene , hardcover ed


At the Heart of It: Dene dzó t'áré is the 2011 title in Fifth House Publishing's The Land Is Our Storybook series about contemporary First Nations in the Northwest Territories. This photo essay style offers students a 26-page information book packed with colour photographs, maps, and stories about a Dene drum maker and his community. Raymond Taniton is Sahtugot'ine, which means "people from the Sahtu or Great Bear Lake." He lives in Deline, Northwest Territories, on the shore of Sahtu, Canada's largest and most pristine lake.

Price: $16.95