Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story, 10th Anniversary Edition, paperback ed. Available 25 May 2021


Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story, 10th Anniversary special edition is the timeless graphic novel that introduced the world to the awe-inspiring resilience of Betty Ross, and shared her story of strength, family, and culture. A school assignment to interview a residential school survivor leads Daniel to Betsy, who tells him her story. Abandoned as a young child, Betsy was soon adopted into a loving family. A few short years later, at the age of 8, everything changed. Betsy was taken away to a residential school.

Price: $21.95

Mon amie Agnès / Birdsong, hardcover ed. French


Dans Mon amie Agnès, Katherena se sent un peu perdue après avoir quitté le bord de la mer pour la nouvelle maison qu’elle partage avec sa mère. Mais elle rencontre bientôt une voisine âgée qui partage son amour pour l’art et la nature. Julie Flett, auteure crie et métis maintes fois primée, livre ici un récit fort et vibrant, agrémenté d’images poignantes des oiseaux, fleurs, paysages et objets d’art qui entourent les personnages et illustrent brillamment la beauté des liens entre les générations et des passions partagées.

Price: $22.95

Please Not Me! A Story of Pain, Healing, Family and Traditional Culture, paperback ed.


Please Not Me! A Story of Pain, Healing, Family and Traditional Culture, is a story about tragedy, hope, and ultimately determination by Arlene Roberta Greyeyes, a proud Plains Cree woman raised on the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. It is a story about love of one’s family and the power of healing inherent in First Nations ceremonies. In 1999 Arlene Roberta Greyeyes received a devastating diagnosis: doctors discovered a Grade III-IV brain tumour on her left frontal lobe.

Price: $20.00

I Sang You Down from the Stars, hardcover ed. Available April 15, 2021


I Sang You Down from the Stars is a love letter from an Indigenous mother to her new baby. Tasha Spillett-Sumner, Cree and Trinidadian, is an award-winning poet and author who is also working on her doctoral degree in Indigenous land–based education and makes her home in Treaty 1 territory, Manitoba. Michaela Goade is a Tlingit award-winning illustrator who grew up in the rain forests and on the beaches of Juneau, Alaska, and still makes her home on traditional Tlingit territory today.

Price: $19.95

Cree: Language of the Plains / nehiyawewin: paskwawi-pikiskwewin, 2nd ed., paperback ed. Available January 18, 2021


Cree: Language of the Plains / nehiyawewin: paskwawi-pikiskwewin is the second edition of this seminal textbook by Jean L. Okimasis, originally from White Bear First Nations and Cree language educator. Cree: Language of the Plains is a comprehensive educational resource supporting Cree language study and offers a broad range of learning materials that is easily accessible to Cree language learners. This new edition provides an updated and redesigned language textbook, and is linked to Cree language audio labs and a Cree language workbook available online.

Price: $34.95

On/Me, paperback ed.


On/Me is a book of poems by Francine Cunningham, a Cree, Metis writer, artist, and educator, who explores what it means to live with constant reminders that she doesn’t fit the desired expectations of the world: she is a white-passing, city-raised Indigenous woman with mental illness who has lost her mother. In her debut poetry collection On/Me, Cunningham explores, with keen attention and poise, what it means to be forced to exist within the margins.

Price: $18.00

Bones, paperback ed.


Bones by Tyler Pennock, Cree/Metis adoptee from the Slave Lake area of Alberta, is a collection of poems about a young two-spirit Indigenous man moving through shadow and trauma toward strength and awareness. This debut is about the ways we process the traumas of our past, and about how often these experiences eliminate moments of softness and gentleness. Here, the poems journey inward, guided by the world of dreams, seeking memories of a loving sister lost beneath layers of tragedy and abuse.

Price: $20.00