Contemporary Coast Salish Art OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher. Contemporary Coast Salish Art celebrates the artistic works of 20 Coast Salish artists from southern British Columbia and western Washington State collected for the Awakenings exhibition organized by the Stonington Gallery, August 2005. Innovative and grounded in traditions are key descriptors of this selection of Coast Salish masterworks.

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Be Of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish, paper ed


Be Of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish is a collection of 10 essays that discuss and explore the peoples of the Coast Salish and how their cultural traditions continue in spite of years of contact. The essays are authored by anthropologists, linguists, historians, archaeologists and more importantly, Aboriginal scholars. Contributors include Bill Angelbeck, Crisca Bierwert, Daniel Boxberger, Keith Thor Carlson, Brent Galloway, Colin Grier, Alexandra Harmon, Nxaxalhts'I (Sonny McHalsie), Dave Schaepe, and Raymond (Rocky) Wilson.

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Catching Spring, paper ed


Catching Spring is one of the titles in the Orca Young Readers series. This easy-to-read novel retells a story the author's husband told her many times. The story is set in 1957 on Tsartlip First Nation on Vancouver Island. Bobby is a young boy who works at the local marina helping the owner for one dollar a weekend. Bobby lives on the reserve and helps his mother by taking half of his weekly earnings to put into the family grocery money.

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I Am Sto:lo!: Katherine Explores Her Heritage UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher I Am Sto:lo!: Katherine Explores Her Heritage is the student history text designed for grade 4 published by the Sto:lo Heritage Trust. This Coast Salish (Sto:lo) history was created to fill the need for the First Nations' perspective about a specific Aboriginal society. Several years were involved to designing and writing the text and the detailed process of community involvement is discussed by the non-Sto:lo author in the lengthy preface.

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World of Chief Seattle, The: How Can One Sell the Air?, paper ed


Chronicles the life of Chief Seattle (1790-1866) and discusses how this leader tried to prevent the United States government's attempts to force his people of Washington's Puget Sound to live on reservations. This Squamish leader is best known for his work on the environment and activist for his Nation.

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Little Bear's Vision Quest, 2nd printing, paper ed


Little Bear's Vision Quest is a lavishly illustrated picture book that teaches respect for others. The main character is Little Bear who lives along the Northwest Coast. Little Bear behaves selfishly and is inconsiderate to his friends. In an effort to teach Little Bear proper behavior and respect, his grandfather sends him away to an island. Little Bear is told to "look inside" and learn from his bad behavior. Finally, Little Bear learns how he hurt his friends' feelings and decides to change. His family welcomes Little Bear home.

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Kwulasulwut II: More Stories From The Coast Salish, new ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher Four Salish stories adapted for students by Salish Elder and storyteller Ellen White. The author acknowledges the storytelling expertise of her grandmother who passes the Coast Salish oral tradition. Translated into English and adapted for younger readers, these stories are richly detailed and offer insight into Northwest Coast oral tradition. The stories include Smuy, the Little Deer; Journey to the Moon; The Mink Family and the Raccoon Family; and Deer, Raven and the Red Snow.

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