Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms, paper ed


Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms written by Sylvia Olsen was funded as a project by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. After Sylvia Olsen's daughter announced her pregnancy, this author and loving mother saw, what could be termed a crisis by some, as an opportunity to understand this cultural and national phenomenon of the teen mom. Olsen began her research by contacting and locating 13 teen and young adult moms who were from ages 15 through 24.

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Time of the Thunderbird, paper ed


Time of the Thunderbird is a short fantasy novel by Coast Salish author Diane Silvey. Twins Tala and Kaya live in a mythical time along the British Columbia coast. In their village all the children are missing because of a powerful monster. The twins venture out into this fantastic world to locate the source of the problem and secure the return of the village's missing children. The story of the quest is told in narrative form in a series of episodes. The twins are assisted and sometimes hindered in their journey to locate the children.

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Yetsa's Sweater, hardcover ed


Yetsa's Sweater is a charming picture book by Sylvia Olsen about the women of the Coast Salish who continue to create beautiful Cowichan sweaters. It is an effective picture book that demonstrates First Nations experiential learning. Yetsa is spending time with her grandmother assisting in the preparation of the sheep's wool needed to knit these amazing one-of-a-kind sweaters. The story and illustrations show the love and understanding between the generations as Yetsa's mother joins the group to complete the many tasks needed to make the wool ready for knitting.

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Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 2, paper ed


Learning By Designing: Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, volume 2 is the follow-up manual for Learning By Designing volume 1 and takes the reader further into an understanding of Northwest Coast First Nations art and design. The authors Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark provide teachers and students with a basic introduction to the art of the Northwest Coast as well as an understanding First Nations ethics and philosophy.

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Middle Row, paper ed


Middle Row is part of the Orca Soundings series published by Orca Publishing. This series is designed as short, large-print paperback novels with high interest and low vocabulary. Targeted at the reluctant reader, the stories use compelling themes combined with authentic teenage dialogue. The book does not draw the reader's attention that is designed for teens reading below grade level. This novel is levelled at 2.4. Middle Row's storyline does not disappoint.

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Be Of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish, hardcover ed


Be Of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish is a collection of 10 essays that discuss and explore the peoples of the Coast Salish and how their cultural traditions continue in spite of years of contact. The essays are authored by anthropologists, linguists, historians, archaeologists and more importantly, Aboriginal scholars. Contributors include Bill Angelbeck, Crisca Bierwert, Daniel Boxberger, Keith Thor Carlson, Brent Galloway, Colin Grier, Alexandra Harmon, Nxaxalhts'I (Sonny McHalsie), Dave Schaepe, and Raymond (Rocky) Wilson.

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La Quête Spirituelle de Petit Ours (Little Bear's Vision Quest), paper ed


La Quête Spirituelle de Petit Ours is the French edition for Little Bear's Vision Quest. This is a lavishly illustrated picture book that teaches respect for others. The main character is Little Bear who lives along the Northwest Coast. Little Bear behaves selfishly and is inconsiderate to his friends. In an effort to teach Little Bear proper behavior and respect, his grandfather sends him away to an island. Little Bear is told to "look inside" and learn from his bad behavior. Finally, Little Bear learns how he hurt his friends' feelings and decides to change.

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Problem of Justice: Tradition and Law in the Coast Salish World, The, paper ed


An examination of three contemporary systems of justice in Coast Salish communities in the United States and Canada provide a new perspective on the role legal anthropology plays in understanding the ways traditional laws confront contemporary justice issues. Taking the examples of Upper Skagit Justice in the United States and the Stó:lö Nation and the South Island Justice Project in Canada, Miller examines the inherent problems local communities face when attempting to design self-governing justice systems.

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Breach of Duty: Fiduciary Obligations and Aboriginal Peoples, A, paper ed


Account of the ground-breaking Supreme Court Case, Guerin v. the Queen, in 1984. The lawyer for the Musqueam First Nation during this legal battle provides a detailed history of the case and the meaning behind the decision that compels the federal government to act in the best interests of First Nations. The government's breach of duty to First Nations, in this case the Musqueam, is documented. The author compares Canadian law with respect to fiduciary duty with that of Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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