Opossum's Tale: A Grandmother Story, The, hardcover ed


Cherokee storyteller and illustrator combine their talents to create another title in the Grandmother Stories series. All titles are based on traditional Cherokee legends. In this picture book, Deborah Duvall takes the essence of a traditional legend and modifies the ending to weave a story about the proud Opossum and his incessant bragging. This Opossum in times gone by had a magnificent tale. He is so proud of the tail that his bragging begins to annoy his friends. Opossum learns a lesson about bragging in this revised conclusion as the author has softened the ending for younger readers.

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Cherokee, The (Watts Library), paper ed


The Cherokee is a children's book for grades four to seven about the history and culture of the Cherokee from the Indians of the Americas series published by Franklin Watts. Author Liz Sonneborn retells a brief version of the Cherokee creation story but refers to it as a tale. She does include the term Cherokee People use to refer to themselves and discusses their traditional homeland in the American Southeast. The first chapter covers their traditional culture only briefly and describes the Green Corn ceremony as a great feast to celebrate the new year.

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Beyond the Covenant Chain: The Iroquois and Their Neighbors in Indian North America, 1600-1800, paper ed


Beyond the Covenant Chain: The Iroquois and Their Neighbors in Indian North America, 1600-1800, offers papers by various ethnologists and archaeologists who work to dispel the academic myth of an Iroquois empire. The work of De Witt Clinton proposed that the Iroquois were the Romans of the Western world and this theory is now criticized by scholars. Contributors include Douglas W. Boyce, Mary A. Druke-Becker, Richard L. Haan, Francis Jennings, Michael N. McConnell, Theda Perdue, and Neal Salisbury. First paper edition of 1987 Syracuse University Press title.

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Dreadful Water, DreadfulWater Mystery Book 1, paper ed


Dreadful Water is a mystery novel originally written by Thomas King under the pen name, Hartley GoodWeather, republished in 2017 with King as the author. After contributing several Native literary anthologies as well as novels and children's books, King has taken the plunge by writing a murder mystery set on an American reservation somewhere in the Northwest. The main character is a former California cop whose Cherokee ancestry is a minor point.

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Cherokees, The (A First Americans Book) OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available The Cherokees, part of A First American Book series, written by Lakota Sioux author Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve presents an overview of this specific Native American Nation's culture and history for elementary students. The picture book begins with a brief version of the Cherokee creation story. The original homeland of the Cherokees were the states of Virginia, West Virginia, part of North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. The Cherokee have seven clans and their traditional villages had from 30 to 60 houses.

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Cherokee, The (A True Book), paper ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT The Cherokee is a children's information book published by The Children's Press. It is part of the True Book series about Native Americans designed to introduce young students to the culture and history of a specific Native group. This book begins with a basic introduction about the geographic location of the Cherokee. Originally they lived in the Southeast culture area of North America, namely the states of Virginia, the Carolinas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. Their traditional name for themselves is Ani Yunwiya (real people).

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Cherokee Dance and Drama, paper ed


When Cherokee Dance and Drama was first published in 1951, this description of the dances of a conservative Eastern Cherokee band was hailed as a scholarly contribution that could not be duplicated, Frank G. Speak and Leonard Broom had achieved the close and sustained interaction that ethnological fieldwork requires. Their principal informant, Will West Long, upheld the unbroken ceremonial tradition of the Big Cove band, near Cherokee, North Carolina. Describes the movements and meanings of some of the traditional dances and ceremonies of the Eastern Cherokee.

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