Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America, The, paper ed


The Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America is a collection of 16 legends gathered and retold by noted storytellers Joseph Bruchac and Gayle Ross. Bruchac is the well-known Abenaki storyteller. Ross is a Cherokee storyteller and author who is a descendant of John Ross, the principal Cherokee chief during the Trail of Tears. Together they combine their talents to create a lively celebration of the roles of Native women through traditional stories and legends.

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American Indians of the Southeast (Men-at-Arms), paper ed


American Indians of the Southeast is one of the titles in Osprey Publishing's Men-at-Arms series. All titles in the series are well-researched and contain full-colour plates of the uniforms or clothing worn by military forces of the past and present. In this title, the author and illustrator focus on the Aboriginal People of the Southeast culture area. This culture area extends from the Ohio River valley to the states of Virginia and Florida. The time period covered reaches back in time to 500 BC until the early 1900s.

Price: $22.95

Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals, The, hardcover ed


The Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals is a Cherokee legend about lacrosse game between the animals and birds retold. Also explains the origin of flying squirrel and bat. When the Animals of the southeastern woodlands challenge the Birds to a game of stickball, two of the smallest Animals are not allowed to play. The Bear, the Deer, and the other big animals think they are too small to compete. In this Cherokee story the little animals find a way to play in the Great Ball Game.

Price: $25.50

How Medicine Came to the People: A Tale of the Ancient Cherokees, hardcover ed


How Medicine Came to the People: A Tale of the Ancient Cherokees is the picture book story of the origins of Cherokee herbal medicine. As the people begin to outnumber the animals and then to hunt them for their hides and meat, the days of peaceful coexistence are over. The animals take their revenge on the people by making them sick, creating rheumatism, coughs, and colds, aches and pains, fevers and swellings and rashes and allergies. The people are saved by their only remaining allies: the plants and trees that they have cultivated, who show them how to use herbal medicine to survive.

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Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting: A Traditional Cherokee Legend, hardcover ed


Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting: A Traditional Cherokee Legend is the fifth picture book of Deborah L. Duvall's collaborations with Murv Jacob on the Cherokee Grandmother Stories. Ji-Stu, the Cherokee trickster rabbit, wakes early one morning and decides to visit his old friend Otter, who lives up the river. Along the way, he sees a huge wood duck sitting on the water and instantly recognizes the Chief of All the Wood Ducks, who is surrounded by hundreds of smaller ducks. Ji-Stu hurries to tell Otter, but when they return the great Chief is gone.

Price: $17.95