First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story, The, paper ed


The First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story is a retelling of a Cherokee legend about the origin of strawberries. Joseph Bruchac is a master storyteller whose books capture the magic of oral tradition. In this picture book for young children, Bruchac retells the story of how the Creator made First Woman and First Man. Their life was good until one day the husband spoke harsh words to his wife. Her hurt feelings caused her to walk away from their home. At once, First Man regretted speaking hurtful words. He immediately set out after her to ask her forgiveness.

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Rain Is Not My Indian Name, hardcover ed


Rain Is Not My Indian Name is a young adult novel written by Creek children's author Cynthia Leitich Smith. The heroine is 14-year-old girl of mixed Creek-Cherokee-Scots ancestry. Cassidy Rain Berghoff lives with her older brother and his fiancé in a small Kansas town. Her mother has died a few years earlier and her father is in the military stationed in Guam. Her grandfather is off vacationing in Vegas. On the eve of her New Year's Day birthday, Rain spends a special evening with her best friend Galen.

Price: $21.99

Indian Shoes, hardcover ed


Indian Shoes is an easy reading chapter book by noted Creek children's literature author Cynthia Leitich Smith. This book features six interrelated stories whose main characters are a Cherokee-Seminole grandfather and grandson who live in Chicago. Ray Halfmoon's parents are dead and his grandpa Halfmoon is raising him. Their warm and caring relationship is filled with everyday struggles as well as humour and a joy for living. The key story, "Indian Shoes" poses an interesting comment about the nature of Native arts and crafts in a commercial market.

Price: $19.99

White Bead Ceremony: Mary Greyfeather Gets Her Native American Name, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher White Bead Ceremony: Mary Greyfeather Gets Her Native American Name is written by Sherrin Watkins, a lawyer practicing in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. She draws on her Shawnee and Cherokee heritage for inspiration in this children's picture book about a four-year-old girl who just wants to play with her Barbies instead of repeating Shawnee language words. Mary Greyfeather's mother desperately wants her young daughter to learn Shawnee and is frustrated by her daughter who just wants to play.

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Cherokee - English A-B-C Coloring Book with words in English and Cherokee


Cherokee - English A-B-C Coloring Book with words in English and Cherokee includes a full page for each letter of the English alphabet. The author and illustrator, Daniel Pennington, creates an ABC colouring book that incorporates a Cherokee word translation for each letter of the alphabet. Although some words selected are problematic such as the letter 'I' representing Indian, the author provides an explanatory definition of the word's origin. Each English word has a corresponding Cherokee term along with a short explanation.

Price: $8.05

Seven Clans of the Cherokee Society, paper ed


Seven Clans of the Cherokee Society is a 32-page booklet by Marcelina Reed that provides basic information about the seven Cherokee clans including Blue Panther, Long Hair, Bird, Paint, Deer, Wild Potato, and Wolf. The booklet includes illustrations by William Taylor as well as Cherokee language terms. There is general information about the rules and responsibilities of Cherokee kinship, the roles of men and women, and the governance system.

Price: $6.95

Secrets and Mysteries of the Cherokee Little People Yunwi Tsunsdi, The, 3rd ed, paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


The Secrets and Mysteries of the Cherokee Little People, Yunwi Tsunsdi' is written and illustrated by Lynn King Lossiah and published by Cherokee Publications. This book tells about the Yun wi Tsunsdi' (the Little People of the Cherokee), the small mystical beings that played a vital part in traditional Cherokee life and culture. Reading Level: 6.2.

Price: $35.95

My Family (By Karen Hjemboe) UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from My Family is an 8-page book developed by Bebop Books for young readers. It features a reading recovery level of 5, and a word count of 32. In this picture book, a young Cherokee girl learns from each member of her extended family. The colour drawings help the beginning reader to understand how each member of the girl's family teachers her something from their cultural heritage. The first page shows Mother teaching her daughter how to pound corn in a mortar and pestle.

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