k?xntim s?anixw k'?l nixwtitkw i? acxw?l?xwalt / We Go with Muskrat to Those Living Underwater, paperback ed., English & nsyilxc?n


k?xntim s?anix? k??l nix?titk? acx??l?x?alt / We Go With Muskrat is by Syilx and Nla’kapamux Nations writer Harron Hall and illustrated by Ron Hall, of Okanagan and Thompson ancestry and is a member of the Osoyoos Band. Those Living Underwater is an interactive story with s?anix? (Muskrat) in the lead, allowing readers to learn both the n’syilxwcn and English names of underwater creatures living in the Okanagan Valley. The book seamlessly combines beautiful imagery with amusing descriptions as Muskrat introduces a diverse set of underwater creatures.

Price: $15.95

Dancing with the Cranes, paper ed


Dancing with the Cranes is a wonderfully compelling children's picture book by Okanagan writer Jeannette Armstrong about First Nations girl and her family as they await the arrival of the cranes and the birth of a new baby. After losing her grandmother, the girl feels sad and lonely and doesn't really want a new brother or sister. Her patient mother explains death and dying as part of the cycle of life. The girl thinks about the spring migration of the cranes and anticipates their return.

Price: $12.95