Louis Riel Day, hardcover ed.


Louis Riel Day: The Fur Trade Project is a children’s story by Deborah L. Delaronde, Métis; and illustrated by Sheldon Dawson. In Louis Riel Day: The Fur Trade Project, a young boy is assigned a project about the fur trade by his teacher, but he doesn’t know who to turn to because his mom works all day. With help from his grandfather and the internet, they travel back in time and discover how the fur trade began, a new people emerged, the Métis’ role in the fur trade, Louis Riel and the Red River Resistance, and the reason behind a holiday named Louis Riel Day.

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Thomas and his Cat Li Minoush, paper ed


Li Minoush Thomas and His Cat is a 32-page dual language picture book about a Métis boy and his pet cat. When Thomas feels left out because all his friends have pets, he asks his mother for a cat. She agrees, and when she calls it Minoush she introduces her son to the Michif language. Simple English text is appropriate for primary students. On each page the publisher has the Michif translation below the English text. Translated into Michif by Rita Flamand and illustrated by Sheldon Dawson, the book introduces young students to the Métis language which is a combination of Cree and French.

Price: $10.95

Kookum's Red Shoes, paper ed


Kookum's Red Shoes is a children's picture book from well-known children's author Peter Eyvindson, and published by Pemmican Publications. In this story, an Elder, Kookum, tells about her experiences as a child attending a Catholic-run residential school. As a child growing up in a loving family, Kookum recalls seeing a movie called The Wizard of Oz. Like Dorothy, Kookum is taken up into a wild and scary tornado as she is whisked away from her home into a foreign residential school. She had to leave her lovely red shoes behind.

Price: $10.95

Thomas and the Metis Cart, Tumaas ekwa li michif sharey, paper ed


Thomas and the Metis Cart, Tumaas ekwa li michif sharey is a bilingual story book that features a short history lesson with Michif and English text. Written by Bonnie Murray with translation by Rita Flamand, the story features a student named Thomas who receives a science project to create something with wheels. After discussing this project with his father, the pair creates a Red River Cart. Much to the boy's surprise he wins first prize in science for this historical creation. Illustrated by Sheldon Dawson, this simple story offers a Michif language resource for Metis students.

Price: $10.95

Michif Colouring Book for Children, A, paper ed


A Michif Colouring Book for Children was developed by the Metis Resource Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a learning tool. Much more than a simple colouring book, this Michif language book provides students with basic information about Metis history and culture. The images include historical reenactments of travelling in a Red River cart, the fur trade, the buffalo hunt, farming, canoeing, Louis Riel, and Batoche.

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