Kanienkeha':ha - A Beginner's Mohawk Language Curriculum, paperback ed.


Kanienkeha':ha - A Beginner's Mohawk Language Curriculum : This resource is meant to introduce learners to the Kanienkeha':ka language. The parts of speech are nine as in other languages – the article, noun, adjective, pronoun, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection and the verb. With lessons in grammatical structures for learners to understand words/phrases. These will be studied as they arise, and learners are not expected to know all in this course.

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Sufferance: A Novel, hardcover ed. Available 18 May 2021.


Sufferance, by Thomas King, of Greek/Cherokee descent is a Member of the Order of Canada and the recipient of a National Aboriginal Achievement Award. In Sufferance, Jeremiah Camp, a.k.a. the Forecaster, can look into the heart of humanity and see the patterns that create opportunities and profits for the rich and powerful. Problem is, Camp has looked one too many times, has seen what he hadn’t expected to see and has come away from the abyss with no hope for himself or for the future. So Jeremiah does what any intelligent, sensitive person would do. He runs away.

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The Theatre of Regret: Literature, Art, and the Politics of Reconciliation in Canada, hardcover ed.


The Canadian public largely understands reconciliation as the harmonization of Indigenous–settler relations for the benefit of the nation. But is this really happening? Reconciliation politics can work counter to retributive justice. The Theatre of Regret asks whether – within the contexts of settler colonialism – the approach to reconciliation will ultimately favour the state over the needs and requirements of Indigenous peoples.

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A People and a Nation: New Directions in Contemporary Métis Studies, hardcover ed.


In A People and a Nation:  New Directions in Contemporary Métis Studies, edited by Jennifer Adese, otipemisiwak/Métis and Chris Andersen, Métis, offer readers a set of lenses through which to consider the complexity of historical and contemporary Métis nationhood and peoplehood. Multidisciplinary chapters on identity, politics, literature, history, spirituality, religion, and kinship networks orient the conversation toward Métis experiences today.

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Women of the Métis Nation, paper ed.


Women of the Métis Nation is compiled by Lawrence J. Barkwell and Leah Marie Dorion with Anne Carrière-Acco.Métis. Women are the heart and soul of the Métis people. Without them, there would be no Métis Nation. They are the strength behind our families, communities, and places of work. In the past, their kinship networks established where people settled and whom people married.

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Ancestors Indigenous Peoples of Western Canada in Historic Photographs, paperback ed. Available 1 September, 2021


Ancestors: Indigenous Peoples of Western Canada in Historic Photographs by Dr. Sarah Carter, awarded the Killam Prize in the Humanitie, and Inez Lightning, Yellow Bird Woman, is Anishinaabe.This exhibition catalogue introduces historic photographs of Indigenous peoples of Western Canada from a collection housed at the University of Alberta’s Bruce Peel Special Collections. The publication focuses on the ancestors represented in the collection and how their images continue to generate stories and meanings in the present.

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The Gatherings: Reimagining Indigenous-Settler Relations, paperback ed. Available April 2021


Thirty years ago, in Wabanaki territory – a region encompassing the state of Maine and the Canadian Maritimes – a group of Native and non-Native individuals came together to explore some of the most pressing questions at the heart of Truth and Healing efforts in the United States and Canada. Themes emerge, such as the mutual benefits that can be achieved by coming together; what meeting in a Talking Circle, surrounded by ceremony, taught the participants; and what Indigenous ways of knowing can teach us all.

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Borders, A Graphic Novel, paperback ed. Available November 2021


Borders is the graphic novel of the book with the same name. Borders is written by Thomas King, an award-winning novelist, short-story writer, scriptwriter and photographer; a Member of the Order of Canada and the recipient of a National Aboriginal Achievement Award. He is of Cherokee and Greek descent. This book is illustrated by Natasha Donovan a Métis illustrator. In a series of flashbacks and two parallel stories mother and son try to cross the Canada/US border. The media intervenes they are able to cross. This is a story about movement of people and identity.

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In Memory of Feast: Memories of Residential School Survivors, paperback ed.


In Memory of Feast: Memories of Residential School Survivors by Judy Reuben, Mohawk from the Turtle Clan, are stories of childhood food memories of Residential School Survivors. These stories record early food memories prior to entering this school system. The stories share the knowledge that many Indigenous families relied on traditional foods and were food secure prior to the introduction of western foods.Traditional foods and practices - fishing, hunting, trapping and gathering - played an integral role in health and strength.

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