Trees, Plants and Their Uses (Cree Syllabics) LIMITED QUANTITIES


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher Trees, Plants and Their Uses (Cree Syllabics) is a handy reference booklet about common trees and plants in eastern Canada. The Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre produced this 53-page booklet with the assistance of four elders from the James Bay area. Information included for each tree/plant describe its habitat, size and form, family group, common names, medicinal use and Native uses. The author does not include recipes for herbal plant usage.

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April Raintree, revised ed


April Raintree is the 2016 revised edition of In Search of April Raintree, adapted for use in high school. The tragic story of two Metis sisters caught in the foster home system makes compelling reading. The author explores the search for identity, racism, treatment of Native children and violence in this powerful novel revised especially for use in high school. This new edition has a foreword by Senator Murray Sinclair. Reading Level: 8.1; Lexile Measure: 750.

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Native North American Art, paper ed


Native North American Art is part of the Oxford History of Art Series and this volume sets out to examine and describe the current state of the arts in contemporary Canada and the United States. Berlo and Phillips are two art historians who bring impeccable credentials to the task. The text introduces to readers an appreciation for the richness and diversity of Indigenous arts from its earliest forms to the installations of modern artists.

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Rotiianehrenhseraka:ion Kanien'keha Tehontenonhwera:tons - Traditional Mohawk Ceremonies


Rotiianehrenhseraka:ion Kanien'keha Tehontenonhwera:tons - Traditional Mohawk Ceremonies was produced in Mohawk and English by the Kanehsatake Resource Centre. The bilingual book explains the annual cycle of ceremonies maintained by the Mohawk people. These ceremonies of thanksgiving begin with Midwinter. The simple descriptions for each ceremony are written in Mohawk and English and are accompanied by full-colour illustrations by Kanehsatake artist Ellen Gabriel. Also included is a brief description of the marriage ceremony.

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Last Raven and Other Stories, The, paper ed UNAVAILABLE


The Last Raven and Other Stories by Six Nations Mohawk writer Richard G. Green masterfully brings alive the struggles, adversities and triumphs common to contemporary urban/reserve Native North American Indians in Canada and the U.S. This collection of twelve short stories was selected from the author's extensive literary output. Green's stories have appeared exclusively in Native publications and literary anthologies. The Last Raven and Other Stories features a variety of characters ranging from adolescents to 30 something urban yuppies.

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Sing, Like a Hermit Thrush UNAVAILABLE


Sing, Like a Hermit Thrush is a contemporary young adult novel that features thirteen-year-old Darrin Captain, a Mohawk youth whose mysterious dream launches an adventure in self-realization. Set on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, the author introduces characters whose family relationships and cultural heritage are foremost. The story involves Darrin and his attempt to solve the mystery of his dream. During his efforts, he learns about traditional Native storytelling, relationships and understands that it is okay to be different.

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