Ancestral Images: The Mi'kmaq in Art & Photography, hardcover ed


Niniskamijinaqik / Ancestral Images: The Mi'kmaq in Art and Photography presents their unique culture and way of life through the remarkable and sometime complex lives of individuals, as depicted in artwork or photography. The opening images in this collection were created by the Mi'kmaq themselves: portrayals of human beings carved into the rock formations of Nova Scotia. Then there are the earliest surviving European depictions of Mi'kmaq, decorations on the maps of Samuel de Champlain.

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Six Micmac Stories, paper ed, reprint


Six Micmac Stories copublished by Nimbus Publishing and the Nova Scotia Museum contains six traditional legends retold with precision by anthropologist Ruth Holmes Whitehead. The stories pay particular attention to the original intent and teachings that accompany each story. Whitehead has taken original sources such as Silas Rand and fragments of the similar story to portray as accurately as possible the Mi'kmaq stories passed down through the oral tradition.

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Elitekey: Micmac Culture from 1600 AD to the Present, paper ed


Elitekey: Micmac Material Culture from 1600 A.D. to the Present is the Nova Scotia Museum's 1980 publication on the cultural history of the Mi'kmaq. A history and technical explanation is given for crafts in the following areas: costume and decorative techniques; birchbark work; porcupine quillwork on birchbark; work in wood, bone, stone and natural fibres; and the art of basketry. A dated description and approach that documents a specific anthropological approach by a scholar.

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Micmac Quillwork: Micmac Indian Techniques of Porcupine Quill Decoration, 1600-1950, hardcover ed


Micmac Quillwork: Micmac Indian Techniques of Porcupine Quill Decoration, 1600-1950, published by the Nova Scotia Museum is the classic study of Mi'kmaq porcupine quillwork by Ruth Holmes Whitehead. This study contains numerous black and white photographs of quillwork objects and a few colour plates of this amazing fine craft. The book is divided into three sections that discuss the history of Mi'kmaq Quillwork, the manufacture of quillwork on bark, and quillwork designs and motifs.

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Old Man Told Us: Excerpts from Mi'kmaw History, 1500-1950, The, paper ed


The Mi'kmaq people have been living in what is now Atlantic Canada for two thousand years or more, yet written history has largely ignored them, presenting them merely as a homogeneous mass or as statistics. Mi'kmaq specialist Ruth Holmes Whitehead, formerly staff ethnologist and assistant curator in history at the Nova Scotia Museum, tries to redress that omission by restoring to the collective memory a sense of the Mi'kmaq.

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Twelve Thousand Years: American Indians in Maine, NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Chief archaeologist and curator of ethnography at the Maine State Museum Bruce J. Bourque surveys the archaeological and ethnohistorical record to compile this overview of twelve thousand years of Native American culture and history in Maine. From the Paleo-Indian period to the present this scholarly but accessible work includes maps, photographs, and illustrations from archival sources that highlight the cultural traditions of the Abenaki, Maliseet, Mi'kmaq, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot Nations.

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Tracking Doctor Lonecloud: Showman to Legend Keeper


Tracking Doctor Lonecloud: Showman to Legend Keeper is the autobiography of a Mi'kmaw healer born in 1854 to Mi'kmaw parents. Germain Bartlett Laksi, known later as Doctor Jerry Lonecloud, lived the fascinating life of guide, showman, seller of herbal remedies, and historian. Lonecloud's life was influenced by historic events in Canada and the United States. Born in Maine, Lonecloud's father enlisted in the Union army during the US Civil War. While he survived this devastating conflict, he lost his life a few years later while hunting for Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

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